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So Mark and I were heading back to Dubai, but a number of weeks later than planned! Guess why...yup, Morven was injured!

The summer of 2005 was a busy one for me: I was in hospital three times for surgery on both wrists and elbows, but only two were scheduled operations. I had carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, and had an op on my right wrist and elbow at the end of May, and then the same op on my left wrist and elbow two weeks later. My right side healed fine, but the left was very tight, the stitches were excruciating to take out. I didn't think the wound on my elbow looked right, but we headed off to a concert at Mark's school. At night, when we were in bed, I woke up with a burning pain in my left elbow and woke Mark up and when he looked he confirmed what I knew - the wound on my left arm had opened wide up, down to the bone. Mark said he felt sick looking at it, but didn't call an ambulance because it was hardly bleeding. He cut the sleeve off a big old t-shirt of mine because he'd wrapped my arm in a clean towel, and he took me to Casualty/ ER. Problem then was because I'd had my op done in a private hospital, the orthopaedic surgeon at our local hospital - Monklands - wouldn't even look at it, in case my own surgeon accused him of doing something wrong. So the hospital gave me 2 asprin - asprin, I ask you, I was in agony! - and said they'd put two big loop stitches in it and to contact my own surgeon the next day. Ha! That'd be right - Mark got on the phone to the hospital where the op was done, this is at 3.45 am and explained what was happening - they don't do emergency admissions, but that night they were so appalled at how I'd been treated they told Mark to bring me straight in. Before that, they called my surgeon at home (bet he was delighted!) and asked what to do - he said it couldn't possibly have opened right up: I think he thought just one stitch space had opened and said I should come in the next day, but Mark told the nurse he spoke to there was a nine cm hole in my arm and something had to be done and because neither of us was now happy to let the local hospital do anything, Ross Hall told us to come in. The good thing was the motorway/ highway was empty...

Got to hospital, they had a wheel chair waiting for me - bless them, it was just as well: I was exhausted and had been verging on hysterical at Monklands, partly because I didn't want two random stitches and partly because I was so upset and annoyed. They took me to an isolation room - because I'd been in an NHS hospital, and particularly because I had an open wound, I was a potential MRSA risk. Anyone entering the room had to use alcohol rub. They got me into bed and the nurse called the on-call doctor, a wonderful South African man called Herman. He unwrapped the padding Monklands had put on and asked the nurse what my surgeon had said. She said Mr John doesn't think it's a big deal and he doesn't need to see it. Herman said Mr John needs to get out of bed now! Which he didn't... Anyway, I was given a Valium and painkillers and Mark stayed with me until he had to go home and get ready for work at 6am. The hospital was great and gave him breakfast and coffee in my room so he could get home. My grandparents came in at lunchtime and stayed with me until Mark came in, and I was taken to surgery at 8pm. That was the first time I saw Mr John, who looked at it and said he didn't know how it had happened, but took me in, cleaned it and sutured it back up. I was kept in that night and got home the next day. Mum and Dad were in the Maldives, so we had to phone them and tell them.

Anyway, we were supposed to be going on holiday four days later. Mr John gave me waterproof dressings and said it'd be fine, but we were going to Borneo and Dubai, so it'd be hot and I'd sweat - I didn't think the plasters would be enough, and I asked about the stitches, which were due to be taken out while we were in Dubai: Mr John suggested going to a hospital there and getting it done! I don't think so.

I went to my GP, who's a friend of Mark's and he absolutely agreed I shouldn't go, there was too much risk of infection. He wrote us a letter for our insurance company, and we had to notify the travel firm the day before my insurance ran out! It was dealt with really quickly and we got our money back within a week, and we rebooked.

We were off to Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Pangkor Laut in three weeks!

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photo by: spocklogic