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Hi All,

Hereby a travel advice or very nice round trip in Thailand. Or just some place that are worth visiting.
Little note: places in Thailand are writing on differed way’s this is because there is not just 1 alphabetic order. So if you can’t find a place name, please look it up with some sort of similar name near in that region.

In my profile you can find a review I wrote of a hotel in Bangkok I would suggest.
A week Bangkok is too much.
I would suggest, go to china town (around the corner of the hotel) the palace, the krokodilfarm, eat on the streets, don't worry. Only make sure you see they bake it... Go get an oil massage, no Thai massage, IT HURTS! (If you’re interested, you can ask for 'special massage' but that’s not my thing)
Go to a Thai box game. Just to see some real people, real Thai mangle with them, see their traditions etc.
If you want to shop, eat your hart out, shop till you drop in BKK (Bangkok)
I suggest do this on your last day of your travel.
After that I would go to kanschanaburi by train. Great train ride of about 2-3 ours.
You know bridge over the river quai. Well go there, only the ride by train is it worth.
At the last train station girls - women get on the train and like to show their hotel to you.
My advice: DO GO talk with them. Recommendation is Pong-Phen Guest house.
I looked up in my LP but their hotel was WAY more better. Warm shower, beautiful view over the river quai, transport from train station to hotel. And go there also to the tiger temple. (You can see often a monk walking with a tiger on National Geographic, that’s there.
Well it's interesting to look at it. Behind (towards Burma) there are some beautiful NP’s, fantastic waterfalls en very nice hiking trips. Than go back to BKK.
If you want to see some sun, beaches and party go from there to the south to go partying in puket or do a full moon party. Although I heard it’s pretty crappy.
I would go for some beaches at the end of my trip.

Then go north towards sukothai, some beautiful ruins there.(some people say more beautiful than ankor what. I don’t know since I haven’t been there)
Than more north to Chiang May.
From Chiang may go to Doi inthanon, biggest hill/mountain in Thailand. In Chiang may there is a beautiful temple at the top of a mountain, Doi Suthep. Go there, not far from there there is an elephant camp (Maesa elephant camp), go there to, well worth it.
More up north to Maehon song (north west)
(little side step, from here I write down most of the time names and places to be well worth it to vistit.)
Pai, Huai Nam Dang NP, Fang also Mae Fang NP(north east more, bruma border), more up north the tiny little place Tha Ton. This is a must go there, stay there overnight in a hotel/hostel along the water. Unfortunately I can’t recall the name of that place anymore.
Nevertheless, there is a great monastery with several great Buda’s on top of the big hill. Left you see Myanmar the other side you see Thailand.
Next morning take a longtailboat to Chiang Rai. Either or ‘rent it out’ so you pay a little more for yourself and companions or go with the standard group at noon but than your packed with 8 people. (not recommended) but he.
They stop at some little places where only a few tourists have been. Well worth it, GREAT even. After that, either or, (included in our price) take the bus back to Tha Ton, or stay in Chiang Rai.
Good more names: Mae Sai (3 country border)
From here (Chiang rai) you can had on to Laos and follow the Mekong river all the way down (if your interested) even all the way to Cambodia en see Ankhor What.
Or go back to Chiang May. Take a night bus as we did from Chiang may to Ko Chiang 15 our bus and ferry for 15 euro p.p.
And enjoy a last week in Thailand and rest on the beaches. Nice snorkling and diving there. Rent a bike their cheap. BUT…… hostels and hotels are NOT cheap.
You also can go from there to Cambodia or the other way around if you came from Cambodia, make a stop there before going home.

Well all this are some suggestions. Look up on Google the names I wrote down. Some people find it interesting, some people don’t. Some people will agree or disagree.

This is my experience from several years Thailand.
If you have feedback (except on my English, I did the best I could) please do.
More questions? Let me know.



YantiSoeparno says:
I want to go to Krabi.... what is your suggestion? ;-)
Posted on: Aug 28, 2009
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