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my favorite train! it has dogs all the way down that look windblown so when it's moving they look like they're sticking their heads out the window!
So it's sunday morning.... woohoo!  I can't really remember what we did this week.... I know I've spent every day sanding more on the deck.  On Wednesday (?) I got to try the actual fairing part, applying the filler.  It's like spackling a wall to paint but on a much larger scale.  I was really excited to try it and had been watching them do it for the past month, so I was really frustrated when I just couldn't get the hang of it.  Tom and Jason were having a hard time too but they seemed to figure it out after a little bit, but mine just wouldn't work.  So finally after like 15 minutes I look over at them and the Thai guy who is doing it also, and realize that I have a different set of tools.  It turns out someone handed me two big trowels instead of one big one and one little one, but I didn't know any better (they gave them to me, how was I supposed to know?).
six man cabin
  So when I got the right tools it was much, much easier.  Progress on the deck is looking better I think, and progress down below is great.  The charthouse cabins are being built right now and the main ones are almost done.  Wednesday I ate at Tesco, Thursday I think I had noodles from 7-11, and Friday we went out to the Black Swan and I had my favorite sandwich!  Yesterday was pretty freaking cool.  We had a normal day of work, lots of sanding.  At one point the Thai girls sanding with me asked me my age but the guy who translated, or tried to, said 32 instead of 23.  So there was a gasp when he said that and I had to clarify and then they laughed.  We tried to talk about other things and  I'm not so sure what they understood of what I was saying, but now I know the Thai words for crash and laugh.
captain's cabin
  Random, I know.  I had heard about a concert in Bangkok about 2 months ago when I was at home and had been seeing signs for it all this past month, so I decided yesterday finally that I was determined to go.  So Eliot, Winston, and I hopped in a cab around 7 armed with only a few bits of Thai words for the general area we thought we needed to go to.  An hour later our poor taxi driver finally delivered us to the park, but what I a ride!  He didn't understand any English, and we kept saying the names of the things we knew were nearby but he didn't understand that we didn't want to go to them, but actually somewhere near them.  We were hoping we'd see lights or hear music or something and could point the way.
my favorite dog, lives outside our building, just sleeps all day. not the best picture though, I'll work on it
  We went to an arena under construction, a convention center, and a university before we finally ended up at the right place.  We were so happy to get there it didn't matter that a Thai band was doing a terrible cover of Bob Marley.  We arrived just before the intermission between two acts so we got some food and beverage, which was quite a funny experience in itself.  I had noodles and soup in a bowl with chopsticks at a concert, and water and coke only cost 10 baht each (25 cents).  We only made it in time for the last two shows, but luckily those were the ones we wanted to see most.  Franz Ferdinand came on first and they were really good but I didn't know a whole lot of their music beforehand.  The "main act" was Oasis, who I have really liked for a long time now but haven't listened to in ages.
the puppy a couple doors down... so cute!
  They were awesome, but it was hard not knowing some of their newer songs.  The music though was incredible.  I always like live music no matter what kind, but I was reminded again how great it is.  The band was just awesome and I wish I had been closer.  I didn't pay very much to stand way back where I was so that was cool, but I could see people going crazy up front and wished I could have been with them.  Winston and Eliot were literally falling asleep standing up next to me, but I loved every minute and was sad to have it end around midnight.  Finding a cab home was a bit ridiculous because of the hundreds of people lining the streets also looking, but after about 45 minutes we finally got one.  I definitely crashed into bed around 1:30, which is pretty early for a Saturday night for us, but it felt so good to sleep.  Now we're trying to figure out our Sunday plans.  Have a great weekend!
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my favorite train! it has dogs all…
my favorite train! it has dogs al…
six man cabin
six man cabin
captains cabin
captain's cabin
my favorite dog, lives outside our…
my favorite dog, lives outside ou…
the puppy a couple doors down... s…
the puppy a couple doors down... …
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