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Jay, Kevin, and Winston at morning calisthenics
So I can't really remember what happened on Saturday, although I know we worked and I'm pretty sure Jay and I spent the day sanding the charthouse top.  My ipod battery lasted half the morning, so that was cool.  I could sing at the top of my lungs and no one would know because of my face mask and all the noise.  The only bummer was that my butt and hands were sooo sore from all that sanding!  Well, the hands from gripping the sanding board.  The butt from sitting on concrete for 6 hours.  Saturday night we all got dressed up (clean shirts for the boys, I wore my new dress and I'm bummed I don't have a group picture- we looked so nice!) and went to a really nice dinner with the whole group, including Travis, Laura, Hannah, Jason and his girlfriend, and our shipmate Tom.
me and Jay at dinner
  We went to a pretty authentic Mexican restaurant.  All the waitresses were dressed in fancy and pretty authentic Spanish outfits and there was a band (not so much mariachi, but Spanish music with a guitar, flute, bass, and hand drums).  We stayed for a really long time and had a really nice dinner.  Everybody else went out but I was exhausted so I came back to the apartment and watched Bridget Jones 2, which Trav and Laura had lent to me.  She goes to Thailand, so it was cool to see some of the places we've been and some of the places I want to go!  It was so awesome to sleep in on Sunday, it was so needed.  I got up around 9:30 and met Trav, Laura, and Hannah a while later to go to the weekend market.  After we found Travis some workpants, he and Hannah headed back to the apartment and Laura and I spent several hours shopping.
Laura and Hannah
  The market is absolutely insane, as I wrote before.  We spent about 4 hours there and only saw probably 2 sections out of at least 20.  We were totally exhausted at the end.  We got some great things, which I can't write about because some are presents for you guys!  But it was fun to shop (with a girl!) and even though we spent over an hour and half searching for a jewelry stand we'd seen earlier and never found again, it was really fun.  It turns out the guys were there also and they all got some Thai clothing which they modeled later.  After I left Laura at her skytrain stop I headed to the Black Swan pub where we all had lunch last week.  I sat there for a couple hours writing letters and had my favorite sandwhich there again.
Winston, Boomer, and Kevin... with tequila coffee
  It was a very relaxing evening.  When I got back everyone was home and we hung out and watched a movie before going to bed.  This morning I actually woke up fairly refreshed from a good nights sleep (even if I still had the weirdest dreams ever).  I spent all day sanding the deck again, but this time Jay and I came prepared!  We found cushions on the vanity table stools in our apartment, wrapped them in plastic, and then tied a pillow case on, so we had something to sit on and kneel on while we sanded!!  I can't tell you how much of a difference it made! Sanding was so pleasant!  All the Thai workers were very intriguiged and came up to touch our cushions and I think someone tried to teach me the word for it, but I'm not quite sure.
Boomer in his new outfit
  The women were very grateful when I gave the cushions to them after we left, as they still had a while more to work.  I think we'll be seeing a few more cushions in the next week!  Tonight, with my leftover energy that surprisingly lasted the whole day, I went to the park to do aerobics!  I'd seen this being done on several visits to the park and had always wanted to do it.  At 6 o'clock well over a hundred Thai people (99 percent female, I think I saw two other Westerners) gathered in the park and lined up in front of a stage area.  First the Thai national anthem was played over the loudspeaker, then a guy got up on the stage with a microphone, the music started, and we were off!  So I'm pretty bad at exercise coordination to begin with (I have a really hard time following a video, I always have to pause it to figure the steps out), let alone in a different language, but I think I did ok.  I just tried to follow the two women in front of me, and when I got out of the steps waited for them to be in my position, and then started back up again.  It was so much fun!  It lasted 45 minutes, until it was dark, and at the end I was so tired and sweaty, but it felt so good to get some exercise.  I definitely want to do it again, and I'm going to try to get some boys to come do it sometime.  Ha, that should be funny!  Ok, I gotta get to bed now!  Hope everyone had a great weekend! 
Daryl says:
I just want to say how jealous I am. Philadelphia is freezing cold, and in the United States. I want to be in Thailand. Naners I check the updates every day and love the pictures. Remember what I asked you that time I called you drunk? Have you done your homework? Ill refresh, go to a beach bar and see if you can order a Tsunami. If you can, what is in it? If not, what would you ask it? Say hello to everyone for me. I read all of John’s emails.

Miss you all, ill be back in the BVI this summer so ill see everyone soon

Posted on: Feb 07, 2006
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Jay, Kevin, and Winston at morning…
Jay, Kevin, and Winston at mornin…
me and Jay at dinner
me and Jay at dinner
Laura and Hannah
Laura and Hannah
Winston, Boomer, and Kevin... with…
Winston, Boomer, and Kevin... wit…
Boomer in his new outfit
Boomer in his new outfit
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