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Tom and his dad, Argo's designer Bill Langan who is visiting for sea trials
Saturday at work was a fairly normal day if I am remembering correctly.  I finished wiping off the turnbuckles and the guys did more splicing and rigging stuff.  In the afternoon I discovered that our survival suits were in, so I spent a couple hours stenciling their bags and the backs of the suits.  Five down, thirty to go.  It's going to be a long week of stenciling!  We were all pretty tired on saturday night so only some people went out.  I took a cab to Playground and sat at Starbucks and worked on the computer.  I didn't sleep very well that night, which was a bit of a bummer, but gettting up early meant more time to do things in the day.  In the morning I went to see a movie that I've been wanting to see for a long time now.
go kart track
  I felt bad wasting two hours of daylight but I didn't know how long the movie was going to be there for.  And I am too tired to at night, so it would have meant going next sunday.  So I saw Match Point and I highly recommend it.  After that  I stopped at the apartment quickly and got directions from the guys to the place that they were going go-karting at.  I had to go to the hospital to pick up the oxygen tanks then so I was going to meet them there.  After a little while at the hospital they finally told me that the tanks wouldn't be in until five that night.  So I went straight to the go-kart place which turned out to be right around the corner, so that was good.  The guys were in the middle of their first race when I got there and were grinning like little kids when they were done.
little kiddies getting ready to race
  I wanted to race too but for various reasons that are too long to explain here I couldn't because I had missed the first race with them.  But that was ok, I sat with Kara and her friend Lacey and we had some snacks and laughed at the boys running into each other on the track.  They were finally done around the time I needed to go back to the hospital, except as I was about to leave the hospital called and said that there was a problem and the tanks weren't ready then after all.  Geesh!  I didn't mind necessarily except I would have used that time in between to go do something other than watching go-kart racing.  Oh well.... I headed back to the apartment and walked around a little bit on a little plaza on Thong Lo on my way home and picked up some sandwich ingredients for dinner at the grocery store.
leaderboard I guess you could call it
  After a while the guys came back and we found out that we didn't have work the next day, which is now today.  It is the Thai equivalent of Labor Day so the yard was completely shut down and we wouldn't have been able to get the materials and equipment from the storeroom that we needed.  Having another sleep in day was nice and I finally got a bit more sleep I think.  In the morning I went and got a pedicure (another thing crossed off my list) and then met up with some of the guys at Paragon for lunch.  We had sandwiches at Au Bon Pain and then split up again to do various errands.  I did some shopping at the mall and walked around a bit and now I'm trying to plan my next move.  I have a one day BTS pass so I need to use it!
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Tom and his dad, Argos designer B…
Tom and his dad, Argo's designer …
go kart track
go kart track
little kiddies getting ready to ra…
little kiddies getting ready to r…
leaderboard I guess you could call…
leaderboard I guess you could cal…
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