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my perfect lunch!
I finally got some sleep last night, even if I had weird dreams and got up like 3 times thinking it was morning.  While the boys watched tv I went off to Tesco again and spent like an hour wandering the aisles.  It was really fun and I got supercute stationary sets!  So be prepared for fun mail!  I still had money left on my card from yesterday's lunch but didn't know if it would be enough.  I had put 90 baht (just over 2 dollars) on it yesterday having absolutely no clue how much anything cost, so I was hoping it would work today and I'd have enough.  Yeahhh.... lunch was 24 baht- just over fifty cents!  It was sooo yummy.  I perfected my noodle ordering, at least at this one stand, by pointing and gesturing until I got just noodles and broth.
one of the few open areas of the market
  I still have some money on the card so I have an excuse to go back!  On the way back on the skytrain I had my first negative experience in Thailand.  After I put my little passcard thing through the machine and started to head up the stairs I was stopped by one of the train security dudes and was asked to show identification to prove that I fit the criteria for the card.  I had a "special" card, a student one.  John told us all to get them because they are cheaper and he said they don't check them.  Also, on the back of the card it says valid for students or those "23 or younger."  That turns out to be the key phrase.  I argued with the guy for like ten minutes because he kept telling me that I was 24!  He got out a piece of paper and wrote 2006-1982=24.
John drinking his pepsi out of a bag with ice and a straw
  And I was like yes, that's correct, but I haven't had my 2006 birthday yet because it's in March!!!  I showed him my passport and everything.  After a while I started getting worried and thought, wait, I am 23 right?  Like did I make a mistake somewhere and I'm actually 24?  After going back and forth for a while he finally wrote down 23+10, meaning 23 and ten months, and I was like yes, that's correct.  It turns out that "23 and younger" means anyone younger than 23 and not actually including 23.  I was so pissed!  I wouldn't have argued with him if I had lied and been caught, but I really thought I was right!  I got over it though.  They confiscated my ticket and I had to buy a new one, but that's ok.
trying to make the living room more... livable
  Now I know!  When I got back to the apartment the boys were just getting ready to head out so I went with Kevin, John, and Eliot to this huuuuuuuuuuge market that's only open on weekends.  It takes up a serious amount of city space.  It's shoulder to shoulder standing room only in a maze of walkways between booths that sell every type of goods that you can possibly imagine.  I got some postcards, lights for the apartment, and a purse.  After a while I was pretty tired and headed back and sat and wrote some letters/postcards.  Now we're trying to figure out what to do tonight. 
willfi says:
The age confusion may have arisen from the fact that most Asian countries start counting birthdays from one rather than zero as Westerners do. I am not sure about Thais, but for many North Asians, babies are born at age one, and they all turn two on the first New Year after their birthday. It gets even more complicated when you consider that the New Year in question is Chinese New Year not Western. So, probably just another cultural misunderstanding. Have fun in Bangkok!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2006
dmelcher says:
I'm so glad you can order noodles - but remember, didn't we agree that you were to move beyond white/beige food???? Love your postings. Dale
Posted on: Jan 23, 2006
Cliff says:
You're almost 24?!?
Posted on: Jan 23, 2006
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my perfect lunch!
my perfect lunch!
one of the few open areas of the m…
one of the few open areas of the …
John drinking his pepsi out of a b…
John drinking his pepsi out of a …
trying to make the living room mor…
trying to make the living room mo…
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