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Welcome to my blog!  If you haven't been here before, click on the dates/captions on the left to read about what I've been up to for the past three months.  Keep scrolling to the through the pages of entries to get closer to the current date.  Otherwise try clicking on the last number next to the entries headline, i.e. Entries 1-35 will have links on the numbers and you can click on the 35 and it will take you to the last entry I've entered (just an example).  I try to update every couple of days but sometimes my schedule or the internet don't allow me to, so the spacing of my entries has been a bit sporadic.  I try to pick up where I last left off but if something seems confusing you may have missed an entry.  This blog is half for friends/family to know what I'm up to and half journal, so while some of it may seem silly to you I've put it up because it's something I want to remember.  If there is something you are interested in hearing about more please email me or put a comment on an entry.  I love getting feedback about what I've written, even if it's correcting my spelling/grammar.  Recently I have felt more rushed when writing so it may be a bit sloppier and I apologize.  I tend to lean towards really long sentences and lots of parentheses.  And yes, I love dogs!!!! 





David says:
hope the test went well, =)
Posted on: Dec 14, 2005
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