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"Mother of pearl" clouds. A phenomenon only seen in Arctic regions, where clouds are actually frozen and sunlight is diffracted by the ice crystals.

Oddly enough I have had better weather in Oslo in winter time than I had in the summer. Skies were clear, the sun was out all day (well, this being 60 degrees north, days are rather short) and while there was no snow in the city itself, but the surrounding mountains were stunningly white, with all the skiing areas open.

One particularly cool phenomenon were the mother of pearl clouds. These are clouds made only occur in arctic (or antarctic) regions, and occur when the vapour that makes a cloud is frozen. The tiny ice particles diffract the sunlight, creating beautiful colours. It is nigh on impossible to photograph, so you’ll just have to take my word for it - or go see them yourself!

My second winter trip to Oslo was different though - overcast skies, snow all day and even rain at night (washing away most of the fresh snow that had fallen during the day). Guess it is true what they say about weather being unpredictable and such.

sarahsan says:
Hey Biedjee! You must like Norway. It‛s a pretty amazing county, but like you said it all depends on the weather and that is very unpredictable, unfortunately.
Posted on: Aug 08, 2009
poohstanggt says:
You should make contact with Liz (Quest) on here when you venture to Norway if you ever want a good tour guide. I believe she's about 1 1/2 hours north of Oslo. She's a lot of fun to hang out with!
Posted on: Jan 28, 2009
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Mother of pearl clouds. A phenom…
"Mother of pearl" clouds. A pheno…
Mother of pearl clouds. A phenom…
"Mother of pearl" clouds. A pheno…
Mother of pearl clouds. A phenom…
"Mother of pearl" clouds. A pheno…
photo by: sarahsan