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... was not as easy as i thought. i missed the action in bogota (santa marta was rather quiet as well during that time...) and wanted to enjoy at least one or two nights of nightlife there before returning back to switzerland.

i was contemplating either taking the bus (which is a REALLY long bus ride) as of course with my luck, all the flight prices went through the roof again. in the end i couldn't be bothered, took the bitter pill and took a flight down as i preferred seeing the sunset once again to sitting in a bus all night & day. as always, getting accurate flight informations was quite a feat with my challenged spanish skills but as always i've somehow managed.

when i was in bogota, on my last day in the local juice shop i've met this girl and we've started to chat.
i promised her to call when i know that im back in bogota and so i did on my last night in santa marta.

she not only offered to meet up she even invited me to couchsurf on her guestbed! the swiss government probably doesnt recommend staying at people's homes in bogota you only know for 30 minutes but i trusted my gut instincts and told her that i would be happy to. noted down the address and enjoyed my last santa marta sunset afterwards.

the next day at breakfast some old colombian guy started chatting to me, obviously he was a taxi driver and offered to take me anywhere (i felt a bit bad as i missed out on all the must sees around santa marta: the national park every colombian is so in love with (tayrona) and the lost city which is a 6(?) day hike through the jungle for which i just didnt have enought time. so i told him just to get me to the airport which he was happy to do as well.

 what i did not know though was that his taxi was at least as old as he was. it was barely moving, did barely have a color and i was just convinced that we will break down somewhere on the hills between us and the airport. but slowly, steadily, overtaken by every car (and bycicle) we managed to arrive at the cute little santa marta airport.

i checked in, nearly froze to death in the aircon waiting room and was on my way back to bogota!
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Santa Marta
photo by: AndySD