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... is quite bumpy

but no problem with the local special pill good for motion sickness and if taken in pairs will knock you out completely... its even a proper, legal one at that!

but first, the bus station in bogota is nice, clean, simple & efficient. took the most expensive option, bolivariano with huge comfortable seats & legroom... aircon, toilet and english-subtitled movies included. although i thought blood diamond is a strange movie choice in colombia...

bus started southamericanesque 30 minutes late and arrived a bit longer than planned.

of course, no incidents at all on the way. i dont know what people think when they say busses in colombia are unsafe. the road  was very busy. unless the guerillas want to play find the gringo / oil baron in one of the 5 busses in a row theres not really a big chance of anything happening...  they do let people in on the way though without passport checks as at the busstation, but still, no significant risk.

in the jungly hills before medellin, every 500m there was a double army team patrolling the road. well, actually hanging around laughing and reading newspaper - but still,  it had an effect. even though im not sure if i felt more or less safe :)

the scenery is impressive, the last bit coming down into the valley of medellin is absolutely stunning.. forget la paz!

arrived at the nord bus station in medellin for some reason. a taxi driver picked me up, giving me a nice little city tour on the way and my conversational spanish is improving... still didnt understand much of what he was blabbering.. .people in bogota had a nicer accent! nevertheless he was friendly, and for the first time i actually heard some reggeaton music somewhere in colombia!

but the first impression of medellin will need another entry... .its... strange here! let's just say for now that i will probably be haunted by nightmares of silicone tits chasing after me! (now thats a cliffhanger!)
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photo by: caliphil007