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Another jetlag infused pre-dawn wake-up. We decide to utilise it and head out towards our next destination, Cape Canaveral. It's good we set out early, because the weather turns really bad. The heaviest showers I have ever experienced in my life flood the streets. So far the greatest nation in the world fails to make much of an impression of greatness to me. You'd expect these kind of showers to happen often, so why the roads are made of concrete without much of a drainage system is beyond me. This weather is not just a nuisance, it's downright dangerous. Visibility is close to zero and is worsened by the fact that our airconditioning causes the windows to fog up on the outside!

When we arrive at Cape Canaveral it's all clear blue skies again, as if nothing ever happened. Ever since being a kid I have dreamt to go here. Actually, I was here as a kid, actually seeing a launch, but for some reason my memories of being a three year-old are a bit hazy. So 18 years later I am back I hate to say that some of the magic has been lost.
When growing up I always wanted to be an astronaut. I loved Star Wars, Buck Rogers, Galactica and any other movie or TV series that featured stars and sleek craft. I always chose the Space Shuttle as my subject for any project or speech I had to do in school. So yes, you could say I had been looking forward to this a long time.

Sadly, it did not live up to the expectation. Perhaps I should have gone here 10 years earlier, because, well, interest may have shifted a little as I got older. It's not so much the rockets itself, no, seeing a real Space Shuttle good and ready to go at the launch platform was very impressive indeed. No, it is more the over-Americanisation that got to me here. The whole place is just too high on thrills and too low on information.

The day ended on a high note though: our first Taco Bell! :-)
Of all the American 'cuisine' this is probably the only one I miss not having in Holland.

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Cape Canaveral
photo by: Andy99