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ok, so I couldn't really be bothered to get out of this bed sometimes.

There is really no good reason why I'm still awake, except that, if you can even believe it -- my sleeping patterns have gotten worse. It's pitiful really, but I actually get paid a good chunck of money and I get to sleep late Monday - Friday. Fairly late on Saturday and Sunday too, actually. I think I might have just fallen into my lucky day. I have never minded working -- in fact, I kind of thrive on it -- but I have never liked the getting up early part . Theatre hours are golden, no matter how you look at it, but this is flat amazing.

Watch me start enjoying the morning and eating my words. But not now! :)

Florida is beautiful and sunny. In September, it also rains. A lot. I haven't been to the beach or the pool, because by the time I'm up and around, its cloudy and the rains are on their way.

the Westin Harbor Island
It hasn't seemed to be raining as much on the Atlantic Ocean side of the state, so maybe Ft. Lauderdale and Melbourne will be a little more sunny and dry. I will be crossing my fingers. On the upside of the rain, however, I have been over to enjoy the Harbor Island Athletic Club a few times. WOW! It's like a really snazy version of one of my favorite workout spots at home: Wood Valley. Only at this club, you feel like maybe you need to make upwards of seven figures a year to be worthy. I don't make that much, nor will I ever, but I sure am enjoying the freeness (woohoo, thank you for making a great deal, outgoing Company Management staff) of it.

Sunday night, after the show, Jenn and I are packing up and heading to Ft. Lauderdale early (everyone else leaves Monday morning), so that we can check in and drop off our stuff.

my favorite thing at the Tampa PAC .... this wall backstage has logos from all the major tours that have been through. If you want to see an AMAZING season, look up their website. Its absolutely incredible how many great shows go through here.
We fly out early Monday morning, headed for NYC to meet with the new members of the cast who are in rehearsals. People have been asking me if I'm nervous to fly on the 11th, and I'm really not. Five years ago, I actually flew on the night of the 10th and had a lovely midnight feast of Dominos pizza and "white pop" with the roommates before all hell broke loose the next morning. I was so fortunate to have not been in that area, to have not lost someone I care about -- but so many people were not. Although it's been five years, don't forget those people, and keep them in your prayers.

For those who auditioned for J&H or are auditioning for GREEN MEADOWS -- break-a-leg! And thank you for the texts and phone calls this week -- no matter how much is going on, and how many new things are happening, I love you guys and miss you tons! I'm sending many hugs :)

Happy Birthday Rose, Uncle Tima and Cathy!

ienjoybeingagirl says:
HEY!! I just got back from Toronto I flew on 9/11 to NYC too. I wasn't nervous to fly today either. Traffic going into the city was a mess though... hope you're having a good day meeting the cast!!! i love you!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2006
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ok, so I couldnt really be bother…
ok, so I couldn't really be bothe…
the Westin Harbor Island
the Westin Harbor Island
my favorite thing at the Tampa PAC…
my favorite thing at the Tampa PA…
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this theatre was magnificant!! th…
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