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the view of the channel outside my room

(title sung to the tune of my mom's ringer -- hello mudah, hello fadah)

Tampa is such a beautiful town, and our hotel is completely amazing. I asked Jenn (the ACM that I'm taking over for) what we did to get a place this great. My room looks out over the pool and the waterway that runs between Harbor Island (where we are staying), and this other strip of hotels and such. There are yachts and other such pleasure boats going up and down this channel, and on the other side, there is the wonderful Gulf of Mexico. And it's all right there, out my window! I'm feeling pretty blissful.

It was chilly and rainy (I had on a hoodie and jeans!) when we left Baltimore this afternoon, and two hours later, we landed in the crazy heat and humidity of Florida. I guess that answers the question of whether the ocean will still be warm in September! Somehow I had forgotten my childhood and the October trips to Florida we used to take -- we always swam in the ocean or our hotel pool.

the pool at Westin Harbor Island
Gotta love the summer extension.

Random trivia:

The Buccaneers stadium is huge! We had a great view of it when we flew it. I tried to take a picture, so hopefully that will come out.

Everyone that has a pool in their backyard here has it surrounded by some kind of cage! (another thing we saw from the air). I imagine that's to keep alligators out? What a weird, yet scary, thing to have to think about. But there really are ponds and marshes everywhere, so I guess it's logical. I really don't need to find an alligator in my pool when I'm trying to go for a swim.

Jack and I went to dinner at this seafood place (near the water, woohoo!) in Clearwater tonight with Aaron (the CM that is leaving) and Jenn.

the Buc's stadium from the Tampa airport
They are great people, and I'm sorry I'm only going to get to spend 2 weeks with them. They are fun, and hilarious, and full of great information for this new journey we are starting. Jenn is from North Carolina, so she has this great southern drawl going on, and I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda jealous. Dinner was on the company, which is always appreciated! :)

Tomorrow is going to be busy -- lots of e-mails that need to be sent, hotel stays to plan, information that needs to be learned, a conference call first thing, and a company meeting (where I will meet the cast and crew) tomorrow evening. Then I think Jack and I are supposed to sit in and watch the show. Not a big deal for me, since I just saw them in KC right after I got hired, but it'll be good to get a better feel for the people that are going to be on the road with us for the next 8 months.


donnalamb says:
Hey girl! I have had so much fun keeping up with your trip. I'm sorry you were homesick, but a little glad at the same time! We miss you like crazy. What an opportunity girl! Keep writing. I'm traveling through you!! :-)
Posted on: Sep 07, 2006
LilJordanGirl says:
So you're going to have to watch RENT. That's going to suck since you HATE that show. Gosh.
Posted on: Sep 06, 2006
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the view of the channel outside my…
the view of the channel outside m…
the pool at Westin Harbor Island
the pool at Westin Harbor Island
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the Buc's stadium from the Tampa …
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