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I'm so tired, so this might be a poor time to write, but I hadn't for a couple days, so I'm just going to put a few thoughts down and then head to bed.

1. NETworks treats us really well. Granted, we have given a little less one-on-one guidance than I think they have wanted to give, but it is an extremely busy office. They are getting ready to send out a new Equity tour of Annie, are recasting RENT and sending out a brand new CM staff, are opening Hairspray in the next couple of weeks, are recouping Producers in some way, and are in rehearsals for the Equity company of Sweet Charity. Light in the Piazza is touring, Little Women just closed, and I think they also have their hands in a few other fires, so its just a busy place. But they are a great place to work for, and I'm very happy as far as all of that is concerned.

2. I have a hard time sleeping well in a strange bed. That could be interesting out on the road. I'm sure I will adjust, but right now I'm exhausted all the time and when I try to sleep, I toss and turn. Awkward.

3. Watching Grey's Anatomy by myself is sad! I miss Jordan, Kellie and our constant chatter about our favorite Seattle doctors. I'm going to have to recruit some new fans. Once 24 starts, I will watching two of my favorite group activity television shows alone. Calling all fans....

We had a late dinner meeting tonight to discuss some stuff with the General Manager (who is a Washburn grad like me.... GO BODS!) and the Assistant GM, plus Jack, myself and the Annie Company Manager, who is also working in the office this week. Gregory (GM) is a huge in me getting this job. He said they get a lot of resumes, and they just generally file them away. But when Dawn Marie (the AGM) saw mine, she took it to Gregory and said "hey, didn't you go to this school?" and Gregory said he told Dawn Marie to hire me immediately. So thank you, WU alumni. Anyone who says that a degree from WU will get you nowhere in theatre is obviously very, very mistaken. Gregory and I have spent the last few days discussing the Topeka theatre community and the people that we have in common. So nice to be around someone who knows exactly what you are talking about when you say "the warehouse by the levee, 21st and Fairlawn, and West Ridge Mall" :)

This is now way longer than I intended, and I really am going to bed.  Tomorrow is our last day in the office, we have the weekend off, and Tuesday we head to Tampa.




LilJordanGirl says:
We could always put you on speaker phone in the room while we watch Grey's Anatomy. I mean, it's a thought!
Who am I going to talk to during 24 to piss Brady off?! Maybe Haven...
Posted on: Sep 01, 2006
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