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the lovely Fort Lauderdale, on our way out of town

I have to say upfront that I took zero pictures tonight. I had every intention of taking some, as we sent several class act people off for their next great adventure. But with all the emotions, goodbyes, and watching the show, it just didn't happen. Several people did take pictures though, and I will try to get some to put up here.

Most of you know my love affair with this show. I think its one of the most brilliant and touching pieces of theatre out there, and at a really hard time in my life, it spoke volumes to me about friendship and not living in the past. So as I stood in the wings today with the other members of the CM staff and the crew and watched these fabulous people tell this amazing story, I was so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this family.

my messy, messy room
 Sometime, when I am home, I'll try to touch on some of the wonderful traditions that have followed this show for the past 10 years, but I feel like they would lose something really special in the translation if I tried to explain them here.

I am really excited about the cast and crew who are carrying on and tomorrow they meet the new cast members who have been busting their asses in rehearsals in NY for the past couple weeks. We have a meet & greet with everyone, along with some of the creative staff, tomorrow on the oceanfront deck of our hotel in Melbourne. Tuesday, tech rehearsals start here, and the show reopens the following Tuesday. This next stop is 10 days, and then we get into the split weeks -- ouch.

I got to watch some college football on TV yesterday before I headed to the theatre for the matinee. And it made me way happy!! It's the little things, ya know? :)

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the lovely Fort Lauderdale, on our…
the lovely Fort Lauderdale, on ou…
my messy, messy room
my messy, messy room
yep, more of the same
yep, more of the same