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View of Atlantis

I visited Nassau for the 1st time in July of 2007 -  August 7, 2007. My husband had gone home to work teaching for the summer. He left for Nassau 2 weeks before we found out I was pregnant. I had extreme nausia so on the plane I just kept praying I didn't throw up on the newly weds next to me lol. When I got off the plane it was 91 degrees and 71% Humidity. Normally I would of been fine but being pregnant it really took a lot of my energy.

We didn't do much sight seeing since I was pretty sick.  We had pinic at long warf beach which was nice. Some areas are shaded with coconut trees and the rest is beach. The breeze from the ocean was cool and relaxing. There are many beautiful beaches throughout Nassau. I heard the sandals beach is also beautiful. I was lucky enough to be there for independance day.

The fast ferry @ Longwarf Beach
We didn't go out for the parades and preformances but did see some of the celebration.  My mother in law's house is very close to the sports center so we could here the bands practicing junkanoo music well into the night.


I was sensitive to smells so a lot of days food in general was the enemy. Bahamian food though is delicious.  I couldn't have much fish so I missed a lot of the good stuff. Some of the best food I ate came from my mother in laws kitchen but since you can't go to dinner there I'll tell you about some of the other yummy foods.

  • Conch - Kinda a signature in the area I think. I couldn't have any while there but I had already tried it on an earlier trip to FL. It was very good in chowder. Bahamians make it many diff. ways.
  • Bahamian Baked Macaroni - Its a rich macaroni bake that is cut in to squares it usually has bit of spice. Not calorie friendy but woth it. the best I had in Nassau Came from the Bahamian Kitchen at Marathon mall food court (I like my husbands better but there's is good too).
  • Peas and Rice - A yummy Bahamian side dish. When I first met my husbands mom she said I had a peas and rice booty so I assume it isn't diet friendly. It sure is good though and a staple of bahamian food.
  • Twin Brothers- Strawberry daquries (They are NON ALCOHOLIC and come in other flavors)
  • Chicken Snack - There are little stands all over Nassau that sell these yummy plates which consist of fried chicken and french fries with ketchup over the fries & chicken with a roll or rasin bread on the side. which sounds simple but the seasoning or something just makes it very flavorful.
  • Chicken Souse - One of my husbands faves. It reminds me of like a chicken soup. Its cooked with potatoes, onions, limes, hot native peppers like the goat or bird pepers, celery and spices.
  • Hot Patties - They are like golden crusted turn overs stuffed with different things like beef or curry and are a bit spicey.
  • Curry Chicken -  Its delicious...it isn't like Indian curry it has a totally different type of flavor. If you like curry you'll love it.
  • Fresh Fruit - The best fruit usually comes from a stand on the side of the road. I loved the Mangola's. A Mangola is a huge sweet mango. I craved  them after we left.
  • Bread Fruit - My MIL made a stew with this fruit I didn't really care for it though.

If your shopping for bahamian spices and goods or can't find them in your area try www.sams247.com


The Bahamas has a very rich musical culture with lots of different musical styles including Junkanoo, Rake & Scrape, and Reggae. 

Shopping - I didn't shop much but the straw market is a touristy place to get souviners. There were a lot of duty free shops.  IF you need basics buy them before you leave home as everything is double or more in Nassau (since almost all of it is imported from the US) for example I needed a swimsuit so we hit the local mall. what I could of gotten here for $25 was $45 thankfully I found one on clearence at a whole sale place.

Traveling in Nassau for the Disabled

The Bahamas like many other countries is not disability friendly or accessible. In fact my experience with the gerenal public as a disabled person in Nassau was not very good. I have a bit of a limp nothing major and some people were very rude. My husband who is Blind and a native Bahamian also got very ignorant reactions from locals. For example, we went into a drug store at the town center mall to get some sunblock and my husband had a dollar sticking out of his pocket and a woman looked and me and said "You need to tell him he has money falling out of his pocket." as if he couldn't understand her. Others would yell at him as if he must be deaf. Including the U.S. customs officer who odviously had no sensitivity trainning. 


The customs officer was ridiculous. He repeatedly yelled at my husband as if being blind ment he was also deaf. He also had a very arrogant tone to his voice. My husband was a student in the U.S. and graduated a few months before he had gone back to Nassau. His student visa had expired but he was using his valid tourist visa to go home for a visit with me for a few weeks (this was before we were married). The customs officer only saw the student visa and would not allow us to show him the tourist visa. he sent us to this room for questioning with a customs officer. The Bahamian customs officer questioned me 1st and then when she realized I was American and had a valid visa she said that I should not have even been back there. She then called to my husband to her desk and he showed her his student visa. She asked us which officer sent us back so we told her and she started to laugh and cracked jokes with another officer about him. She said their was no reason for either of us to have been delayed. We nearly missed our plane. Also like many airports in the U.S. a lot of airport assistance paid to assist travelers in need didn't want to let my husband hold their elbows which is how you guide a blind person (I couldn't I was in a wheelchair). Some would even pull away from him and continue to walk nearly getting him hurt.


Overall Nassau is a nice place to vacation for a few days and most people were friendly but it is not one of my favorites. Maybe my next trip will be better.

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View of Atlantis
View of Atlantis
The fast ferry @ Longwarf Beach
The fast ferry @ Longwarf Beach
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