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Shambhala is an event created for the people by the people and diversity. 

There are six themed stages to showcase world-class DJ's, bands, MC's, and other live entertainment.  These stages are placed in ideal locales throughout the beach and the forest, the stages are artfully connected by a series of magical trails and boardwalks with dazzling visual effects leading the way. The stages draw on state-of-the-art sound technology combined with awe-inspiring visuals including lasers and film that generate a multimedia Mecca.this is unforgettable and magical experience.

Much expanded structurally and technologically, Shambhala welcomed an audience of 10,000.  Despite the numbers, Shambhala remains at heart an intimate occasion. Artistic and musical talent, imaginative costumes and remarkable individuals fuel the vibe of Shambhala, sowing the seeds of inspiration in a safe haven where nature and artistic expression entwine.

Shambhala is a revolution in its own right with a complex simplicity that draws back thousands of devoted fans each year and reaches out to new ones. Shambhala is a journey, an adventure, a life altering experience, and not least, a place to just let loose and dance, dance, dance.

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photo by: toaster3000
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