Volcano Day!

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Volcano Day!

Couldnt get up early enough for the first tour(6am). Figured Id take my time and do some touring around the city anyways. There was a 2:30 tour for the volcano.

I spent the day walking around the cobblestone streets taking pictures and gawking at church ruins.

At 2:30 I hopped in a full private minivan.
The funniest thing was that previous to arriving in Guatemala I had a friend here on travbuddy that offered to meet up w/ me and show me around his country a bit. His name was Juan. Before I even contacted him, he was actually on the same tour and same bus as I!!! What were the chances of that? Soooooo Random!

Next we  headed up to the top of the volcano. Well, not the top. Next we had to hike probly a good mile up the face of the mountain.
A tiring feat. By the time we did reach the top the mist from the clouds was making everything damp and wet. Dense fog covered much of the lava that had already crusted over. No lava yet. We pressed on to another location where we actually able to walk directly on the black crusted lava. All I could think was... What if I fall through? Someone I bet has. I just didnt want it to be me today. We hiked a little further on this rugged terrain until we reached to are where the lava was literally spewing out of the earth. You didnt even need to see it to know you were close because it started to get really hot. Now within less than 10 feet was pure lava from the center of the earth flowing past us. Unlike anything Ive ever seen.

Before getting there I thought I could have gone through life, never seeing this spectacle.
As if it werent really important. Now, I recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity. The significance is great. This has been going on since the beginning of time on earth and is likely to be at least partly responsible for "life" on earth all-together.

Now just as I was thinking how much it would suck to fall through the crust into the lava, I look over and Juan falls over. Not thinking it was that bad I continued to take pics. Then I look over again and everyone is standing around him. Guess he actually fell through the crust! Luckily there was no lava there! Geez.

Shortly after we headed back down the mountain and Juan had to hop on a horse : )
His knee was pretty messed up and bloody. ill post a pic Im sure.

This ordeal wasnt over yet. By the time we got halfway down the mountain, a huge thunderstorm starts. So, soak and wet we all hobbled down to the base at the bottom and get in the van. Whata day.
Sunflower300 says:
What a day all right. What a magnificent experience. I love all the little coincidences that happen in this wonderful small world of ours.
Posted on: Feb 10, 2009
JTrinoG says:
Wow... Thank God you are all right Juan.
Posted on: Apr 14, 2008
john1112 says:
what a great travel blog, hehe, my knee photo "rocks" huge, it was nice meeting you!

Posted on: Apr 13, 2008
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Where Juan fell through!
Where Juan fell through!
Juans knee
Juan's knee
Few Locals. Wasnt my idea. Ha!
Few Locals. Wasnt my idea. Ha!
Mmmm... Lava
Mmmm... Lava
photo by: monky