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Hell of a day...
Annoying at best I woke up first thing, wide awake at 630am. Ready to get a head start and head to the bus station to head down to Lazaro Cardenas(6.5 hour ride). But the sun wasnt out yet. I'm not going anywhere in the dark here. So back to bed. got back up at 730am. Packed up, headed out.

I walk to the bus station, wait a while... Then I ask in spanish where the bus is to the main station. He says across the street. Then I wait there for 20 mins. Then I ask a bus driver. He says its somewhere else. He says hop in. Takes me to another spot down the road and tells me to wait for bus number 20. I wait there for about 45 minutes for bus 20.

Bus 20 gets there, but guess what? Its not going to the central station. I walked down the street and hailed a taxi w/ credentials in his window(This is an important detail).
So for $3.50 I could just gone straight there and not had such a headache.
At the bus station. I try to ask the woman when the next bus is coming to Lazaro Cardenas. She is totally bitchy w/ me. Writes it on a piece of paper. So I say "Una Billeto por Lazaro Cardenas por favor". She then points to the computer thats not working. I wait one second and go to the other counter at a different vender. Buy my ticket and have about 3 minutes to hop on the bus. My ticket was about $19
Finally! On my way. I didnt wanna stay in that city, so I was hoping to get there in time to hop on another bus to Zihautanejo(Another 2 hours).

The bus ride went fine. We picked up a big group of peeps from another bus that broke down. Beautiful views from high up. Close to the edge of the cliff of course.
By about 5pm we reached the industrial town of Lazaro Cardenas. I quickly hopped across the street, grabbed a water and supplies and headed for the next bus station. Had to ask a few locals which as always gave me 10 different directions.
Found it, bought my ticket. Got on the bus for another 2 hours. By now I had the biggest headache because I hadnt had any coffee all day nor drank any fluids because I didnt want to have to pee!

Got to Zihuatanejo and got a small bus to the center. Oriented myself. Asked locals for help again and found my way. Now. Its about 830pm and I need a place to stay. My first choice was booked. This was the cheapest option. I found a place for considerable more money, but I was short some cash. Guess what? ALL ATMs IN THE CITY ARE NOT WORKING! A had to try a few to talk to other people to figure this out! Now what? Well I tell the hotel people that I'll pay them the rest tomorrow. Not even thinking that I have a reserve stash of USA money I coulda used. I was SO tired, I can into the room and crashed straight on the bed. After pulling the sheets back of course, cuz I was told once that people have sex on them and the hotels dont wash the sheets. Doesnt surprise me.

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photo by: Mar_Mar