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A day out in Manzanillo.
I took a local bus from the peninsula of Santiago(Manzanilo) to downtown. Very much a big Port. Lots of big ships. I walked around a bit w/ my big backpack and decided to grab some food.

I sit down and I kid you not, first to my left this girl and her mom come up to me. "Hi I saw you walking around... You have nice eyes..."

I was flattered but didnt really know what to say. She spoke English pretty well. Really sweet and she asked for my email. Didnt see the harm in that, so I gave it to her. Then her and her mom said nice to meet you and headed on their way.

Then I look to my right and theres a group of about 6 girls just decided to set up shop next to me. One of them was starring at me w/ crazy-eyes. It was kind of disturbing. Anyways, started chatting w/ them. One of them spoke english so that made it a lil easier. They were in fashion school and the one w/ the crazy-eyes was their teacher. That girl kept speaking in spanish to me. I could understand most of it, but by the end of the lunch I had figured out a few things. 1. That she kinda had a mustache(Which some mexican women kinda do... sometimes), 2. lots of make-up, 3. a slight adams-apple looking thing going on. Yea. "She" was a "He". Guess I attract all kinds.

I finished my lunch and got outa there. Got a hotel and ventured to the internet for a few hours, naturally.

I did make a late night run to get some food(at a quickie-mart), and there was  a big event going on outside near the pier. Lots of music and lights and so-on. See the pic.

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photo by: miggitymax