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Tapachula -> Guatemala

Trying to keep up here a little better with my blogging. Can you say "Slacker"? I know. Been soo busy though, traveling and working. Fun and work, the 2 have never been so equal. Usually I just work all the time.

Anyway, got up before the sun did. I hate this. I wanted to sleep in so bad. I could just catch the 10am bus to Guatemala City and not the 6am. I didnt have a ticket yet, and I wasnt sure if there'd be seats. Based on the fact that there were about 5 people on my bus, I'd guess I coulda slept in.

Once on the bus I felt pretty good. Not knowing what to expect. This would be my first time in a Central American country... AND NO, MEXICO IS NOT CONSIDERED CENTRAL AMERICA. I used to think that too.

I always somehow, when crossing boarders by bus or train get scammed into something. There's always some guy, who knows exactly what I dont know, waiting for me w/ a queer gleam in his eye who cant wait to take advantage of me. I had planned to to the Guatemala-Mexico currency evaluation before I left but forgot. Basically they took my pesos(although not all just in case) and gave me some amount of Guatemalian money. I didnt know how much, but instinctively I just said, MAS(More) and looked at him like i knew what i was talking about. I didnt, cuz even thought they doubled what they originally gave me, they still ripped me off by half. $15 really.

Anyways so yea. I got it again. Just like in Cambodia.
After that, had my passport checked, then as again, always in these kinds of countries there's always that 50-60 ft walk back to the bus that dropped you off. This walk usually includes little touts(Kids trying to pickpocket you) scary people gleaming again, and some kind of strange dark lighting. The sun was just coming up.

Hopped back in the bus and no one was on it. They were all getting coffee outside. So then I got some too. I set down my water for a second, and totally forgot it on the counter. By the time I realized, it was too late. Its like a 20 sec rule I guess. If its out of my site for 20 seconds or more in strange areas I wont drink it. I feel like someones gonna put something in it and rob me in my sleep on the bus.

Arrived in sketch-ville. Zona 1 of Guatemala City. I take out my compass(Thnx to to Aunt and Uncle) and know I want to head South. I walk about 1.5 hours by the time I finally arrive at my hostel. This Place is great... More to come. Promise.

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