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On my exit from Comfort Hostel I was given 2 Mangos for the road. Awesome!

Boarded the bus for Honduras. Craig and Anne got there just in time. They were in "1st Class" so they got to sit in the front of the bus. No not a separate section. Just the front seats. Thats the only real difference for paying an extra $10.

20 minutes down the road we stop for food. And where? Burger King, where else? I got an egg mcMuffin(or whatever Burger Kings version of it is) and some apple juice. Actually there's word that the first classers got an apple tart too. No apple tart for me tho.

Upon arrive at the Honduras border one of the bus attendants asked me for my passport. Meanwhile I'm elbows deep trying to eat a mango w/out a knife. Its all over my face and hands and ewe. I said "Por Que". He said something and I gave it to him. Then he said 40 Quetzals(Guatemalan currency). I said "Por Que"? He said something. Anyways in the end I guess you dont even have to leave the bus. They process all the stuff for you and stamp your passport and bring it back to the bus. Pretty cool.

Upon entering Copan Craig and Anne ask where I was gonna stay. I said Don Ulo's. They said that was where they were gonna stay as well. Perfect! So we all headed up. I wanted to stay here because they have internet(Although spotty) in the rooms.

Got a room. Took a quick nap. Took some pictures.

Then went out to dinner and many drinks w/ Craig and Anne. Good times. Good convo. And no, they're not Mormon. I know I thought so too b/c they were from Utah.  We basically closed down this last bar and got to hang there w/ the owner for another hour discussing(In English) world politics, the US and stupid fuck-head of a president Bush. Good evening but I think I drank a lil too much.

Came home. Took a shower and then puked a bit.

Woke up naked on my bed the next morning. Ha! 
SH_Panda says:
"Good evening but I think I drank a lil too much."
"Came home. Took a shower and then puked a bit."
"Woke up naked on my bed the next morning."

You cheap whore... HeHeHe

Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
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photo by: Cho