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Leaving my hotel.
Bus to Manzanillo
I never got up to meet the girls because I never set my alarm. Nice. So instead.. I hopped on the bus to Manzanillo.

The funniest part about this busride was when I had fallen asleep. I felt someone touching my leg... Of course me thinking that someone was trying to steal something from me, I slapped and grabbed her arm. Then I let go when I realized she was just adjusting the armrest. Ha! She kinda smiled because she knew why I reacted that way. What do you expect tho? C'mon. I didnt fall asleep again on the bus.

We must have gotten to Manzanillo at around 330pm or so. I decided to actually stay  at a small peninsula called Santiago because I had a feeling it may be close to some surf. I had to find the hotel now. I walked down some streets, then across the beach for a while. Then I found it. Big, open, spacious. Kinda haunting in a way. Like how I'd expect Hotel California to look and feel. Facing the beach, right on the beach it really was a nice sight to see after most of the day on the bus.

I went down to the beach and had some fresh coconut(straight from the coconut) and then a pacifico, natually.

I was so tired at this point. Went to bed. Actually dreamt about waves because I could hear them all night.
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Leaving my hotel.
Leaving my hotel.
Hotel California
Hotel California
Yes. I just watch sunsets every da…
Yes. I just watch sunsets every d…
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