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Back to the island of Flores near Tikal. Today was actually the first day I felt 100% a full-fledged traveler. The hot weather, sweat dripping of my face most of the day, knowing what to expect, expecting the unexpected. Things went pretty smoothly. Yes Ive been here before, so I had that in my favor, but its funny how Guatemala started to feel like a home of some sort. Like I was soo happy to get back here. A place where I made a bunch of good friends and the people were quite genuine. Also a place where SKYPE works.

Fuck that phone company in Belize for denying the people there the right to use that service. Why? Because they have a monopoly, and this is the way they control the situation. If all the people used SKYPE, no one would need these phone companies, and they'd go out of business. Its all very simple really. This type of stuff happens everywhere. If I lived there I'd be pissed. Communication and the transferring of information via the internet is and will prove to be even more one of the most important aspects of the new, up and coming digital age. Thats a whole other issue.

So this morning I was in Caye Caulker, Belize, then to Belize City, then to here in Flores. Tomorrow I'll be in Honduras. A new country. Lots of movin going on here. Lots still to tell. Great cafe here in Flores called "Cool Beans" Great atmosphere right on the water, great food, and great prices. I got a hotel right near it that also had the tickets for my bus tomorrow. Basically all the hotels here act as travel agents and just charge you a lil more to take care of setting it up for you. Otherwise you'd have to find the travel agency or bus company and buy your ticket then. Its easier. Im learning. The funny thing is, once you learn it in one country, then next is always a different system. 
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photo by: Deannimal