2006 Toronto International Film Festival - Day 1

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Official poster of the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival

Ngoc and I took separate flights to Toronto -- she flew Northwest 'cause she had a free flight with them, and I flew Air Canada.  We were both arriving in Toronto at the same time though and we finally found each other at the airport.  It felt so great to be back in Toronto again!!!  I immediately bought a Coffee Crisp bar :)  I love Canada.

We headed straight to the Toronto International Film Festival box office.  We had no set itineraries for this trip so we were totally winging it (my favorite way to travel, it's spontaneous and surprising).   It turns out that all the films we were interesting in seeing were already sold out.  Which meant that the only way we were getting tickets were getting same-day tickets or rush/standby tickets.  We quickly decided not to see any movies that night and went to the hotel to check in.  We putzed around for a little bit and tried to get energized (we both had barely slept the night before, due to our early flights). 

We grabbed a late lunch by the St. Lawrence Market at
Spring Rolls, one of my and my sister's favorite restaurants in Toronto.  I had the chicken lettuce wraps, vegetarian spring rolls, passionate kiss (it's a drink!), and for dessert....the FBI (fried banana with green tea ice cream).  The food and drink were delicious as always, and so cheap (I paid about $22 USD including tax and tip).  We walked off the calories to the Eaton Centre, where we did some browsing and then we went down to Chinatown.  I knew Ngoc would love all the Vietnamese restaurants and stores there, and we ended up eating at Pho Hung, a Vietnamese restaurant that I heard a lot about.  It was DELICIOUS!  And unbelievably cheap.  I totally recommend it.  I had the the bun with pork and it was totally yummy.  Sadly by this time, my hay fever/allergies had totally kicked in and I was sneezing and my eyes were totally bloodshot.  I was quite the sight! 

We decided to call it an early night since (1) I was completely miserable from my allergies and (2) we were getting up  7:00am to get same-day tickets for the movie Penelope.  We were going to get our tickets (they went on sale at 8:30am) and then head back to the hotel to catch some more sleep (the movie wasn't until that afternoon). We thought we were so smart with this idea!  Little did we know, that our smart idea was going to end up a bust :)

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Official poster of the 2006 Toront…
Official poster of the 2006 Toron…
photo by: yasuyo