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Yay shout out to Waltham!!!

Alright I'm not really in Belfast anymore, but I was this morning.   My program took us up on Thursday and brought us back today.  I know I haven't updated in a long time, but I've been really busy with lots and lots of papers and having an awesome Halloween party at my house.  First the party: It was Rob (my flatmate from Ennis) and Jill's idea to throw a party on Halloween.  I thought it would be really fun.  I made my own costume out of a tee shirt and some black leggings from Penny's and orange paint.  I was a tiger and I thought I came out pretty cute.  I'll have to see if I can post a picture later my internet at my house is still alittle too slow but for anyone that can accesss Facebook (and knows me) there are pictures there.

Just one of the best pictures I took in Northern Ireland.
  Jill went as Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it All and Rob went as an Emo Vampire.  Surprisingly enough, he was the only vampire  it seems the really popular costume in Ireland is a doctor or a sheep.....who knew?  It was a great party, tons of people came, we had music, we danced it was great :) The next morning we cleaned, I hate those people that think that smashing glass on the ground is a fun activity cause it really sucks to clean it up in the morning.  Fortunately the people that thought that was fun did it outside so it wasn't all over our inside floor. 

As we recovered from Halloween Jill and I got ready to head to Belfast.  It was an 8 HOUR BUS RIDE and we were lost for at least an hour. OY!  One of the kids on my trip brought dvds which was really annoying cause the bus had the capability to play dvds.  He kept the volume up so loud I couldn't drown the sound out with my ipod and I was completely unable to do any of the work I brought with me to do (same on the way home.....Stupid People with waaaaaaay to much time on their hands).  Anyway we got to the hotel, had dinner and hunkered down and went to sleep.  The next morning bright and early we were on the bus again headed to (London)Derry for a whirlwind tour of the city and then off to see the Giants Causeway.  Both were cool, we saw some of the nationalist murals in Derry but I wish we had had more time to look around the city on our own.  The Giants Causeway was nice but by that time I was tired of being on a bus and really just wanted to take a hot shower.  However I did manage to run into a cat there so I got to play with it for awhile.  Saturday we had to ourselves.  I got up around 10, took a shower, and headed off for the main shopping street.  Spent waaay to much money on some gorgeous clothes, got a really cheap nice lunch and just wandered around the area most of the afternoon.  Went back to the hotel around 3, read some of my homework a nd then went to dinner at this little place called Olio, nice food but really busy and understaffed so we were kinda peeved that our server never showed up.  Today we had breakfast and borded to bus for another 8 hours of misery.  Again I had to listen to the dvds and got no work done but eh, I managed to sleep through some of it.

I came back to find that our kitchen smells rancid and that someone broke my Stripey Cats mug, and that whoever did it owes me a new mug!!!!!! Apparently we also have inspection on Tuesday and we have no working lightbulbs in our hall.  Looks like I need to head out and get some, that and toilet paper.......

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Yay shout out to Waltham!!!
Yay shout out to Waltham!!!
Just one of the best pictures I to…
Just one of the best pictures I t…
photo by: vulindlela