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Ok again I'm not in Wales any longer, but Meghan and I did stay in Holyhead during our trip.  It was really nice, albeit rather windy and overcast.  We learned that it is almost impossible to get anywhere in Wales without a car, but the train service is very good where it does manage to go.  We also realized that we probably should have stayed in Conwy, which was absolutely gorgeous when we were there.  OK from the begininng.   Meghan and I left Thursday evening for Dublin and stayed with her Grandmother's cousin, who was wonderful and fed us waaaay too much amazing food. Somehow we managed to get on the train without tickets and couldn't buy them on the train but they let us ride for free and just shook their heads at us.  Then Friday morning her husband drove us to the dock and we boarded our ferry to Holyhead.  The sea was undescribably rough that day, and we were tossed side to side.  I thought it was really awesome being a huge fan of Horatio Hornblower, but Meghan unfortunately got really sick.  We docked and checked into our Hostel, to find that our bed room was clean but rather small and the bathroom en-suite was a closet that had been made into a bathroom.  However, rugs on the bathroom floor was really nice when stepping out of the shower on the cool evenings.  Friday we spent exploring Holyhead as much as we could and did a bit of shopping.  Saturday we finally found a place we could take the train to visit, Conwy.  We chased a train through the station and we were on our way.  The castle is breathtaking, and the ride out is quite beautiful.  Most of the walls from the original city remain and we walked around the walls before finally heading into the castle determined to climb every single tower we could.  Needless to say we were somewhat dizzy by the end of that day.  Our next stop was to be the Butterfly Jungle but it had closed on November 5th and we had just missed it by like 6 days.  However the walk out to the Butterfly Jungle was really beautiful and down tree lined streets with all the leaves changing color.  Sunday we took the ferry back to Dublin and took the Four hour bus back to Galway.  Nothing was broken when I returned home this time although every single pot and pan that the house has was in the sink and had food caked on it.  Oh well. 

Hooray for my computer and the photo uploading software to finally become compatible.!!! I've managed to up load a bunch of pictures from all times of my stay here in Ireland, so I hope you enjoy them.

londonstudent says:
I'm glad you managed to get your pics uploaded at last - keep them coming!
Posted on: Nov 16, 2006
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