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So I made it to Galway alright, but our internet connection here is very slow, so some days the page doesn't open at all and it never lets me load my photos, of which I have many.  I will have to wait until I get my care package from home and my username and password here at the University.  On a brighter note, my townhouse is beautiful, three floors mostly singles but I live in a double with a girl from Omaha, Nebraska named Jill who is really awesome and has amazing funky clothing.   She's also really outgoing which is awesome because she has made good friends with alot of people on this trip and I have made better friends with them through her.  Our house had very few problems when we moved in, like our front hall lights were out and easily replaced.  However, other apartments were not so lucky, my friend Katie's house had no electricity, the door handles fell out of the door while she was in the bathroom locking her inside.  She became the American MacGyver and opened the door with her key card and a shoelace.  Most of those problems have been remedied but she still has no hot water for showers.  Two of my flatmates are from Ennis, Ireland and are really sweet, Rob and Orla but our fifth roommate moved in while Jill and I were out and has not returned.  Kilkenny beat Cork in the All Ireland Hurling Finals last weekend, sad, 1-19 to 1-13 or something like that.  Classes started Monday and althought I'll be taking a total of 7 classes it seems like it will be a really amazing experience, and I have made some good Irish, American, and German friends.  I was supposed to meet one of them today for a music concert in the town but when I found the theatre the show had been sold out and I was unable to reach Tina by text, hopefully I will be able to see her tomorrow and apologize.  I think I may have written her number down incorrectly cause she might not be receiving my texts.  The food here is amazing, my school makes the best scones I've ever had, both fruit and plain brown scones......mmmmm.......yum.  Its hard to fit into some of the groups here, althought everyone has been super nice to us, they have been in groups since high school, sometimes even before and its difficult to break into those groups and be accepted.  Hopefully it gets easier as the semester goes on.  I'm really looking forward to the Clubs and Societies day, I was invited to join a rugby team but I think Coach would have my head on a platter if I joined rugby but  I do want a chance to play Camogie.  However I know I will sign up for the fencing club and maybe the history and chocolate societies.......they have stables so I might take beginner equestrian just for fun.  The money over here also takes some getting used to.....too many damn coins....the people at the show we were supposed to go to were surprised when I paid for tomorrow night's show in 2 euro coins....I've just been collecting them in my pocket and haven't really had a chance to go to the pub and spend them.  The pubs are nice, my friends and I haven't found a local yet, we're still looking for a pub alittle less crowded and frequented by people more our own age, we have some suggestions from Irish students though so the seach is on.  I have a 10 oclock class in the morning so I think I will end the update at this point and hopefully some pictures will be up soon......
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photo by: AleksandraEa