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Hey, sorry about the lack of updates, I've been really busy with school and when I actually get home to sit down a write I'm too tired.  That and as of last night my internet has died.  Well what is happening with me now?  I went to the Aran Islands with Katie, Lindsay, and Meghan the other weekend, we went to Inishmore which was fantastic.  We walked around most of the island, which included trudging across an open expanse of rock in the rain to reach the cliffs on the other side.  After our trek we were greeted by the most breathtaking cliffs and angry turquoise water that I have ever seen.  It was spectacular.  I've had my first paper to write in Ireland and have been assigned at least 3 more.  It really sucks not having a printer in my house, I dont like have to make the walk from my home to the university when I have to print something out.  Especially the day I had to hand in the first paper, it was pouring rain.  Large angry drops of rain that stung like some sort of divine needle hurled by an angry god above Ireland.  The wind was so fierce it pushed me to the railing of the bridge and I had to fight to make any ground towards the school, unfortuntaly the way the wind was blowing it blew all the rain at me, from one side.  I reached the university soaked from head to toe on my left side, but the right was pretty dry.  I've been really homesick lately, I miss my three cats and pancakes and the sun.  So...to combat the lonliness I have taken up knitting again and have started on a scarf for myself this fall and possibly a hat, I have also purchased an amaryllis which I have named Medb (May-ve).  On my way to find yarn on Sunday in Galway (nearly impossible I must admit)  I ran across a parade of bagpipers, who, when finished marching stood outside the King's Head Pub and drank Guiness, too many people stood in front of them so I couldn't get a picture.  Near them was a Mariachi band from Spain decked out in green and black outfits complete with capes and hats with feathers.  Also, not nearly as cool, I watched a woman remove her bra from underneath two layers of shirts....it was really weird, and I didnt want to stare but something like that makes an impression on when you're walking past.  After my grilled cheese sandwich and glass of milk I headed home to start my knitting.  By the way its really fuzzy orange yarn so it looks like a muppet at the moment.  Oh! I saw Little Miss Sunshine over the weekend, really hilarious but has some sad aspects to it as well.  I really liked the dysfunctional family that was able to overcome some of their dysfunctions to help the young daughter.  Well thats about it, still pissed that my home internet is down I'm writing from one of the school computer labs.  I hope the internet is back up when I get home, or I'm gonna yell at Eircom through Reception again.  Ttyl.

caniche says:
Yay! I loved Little Miss Sunshine, I'm glad you liked it.
Posted on: Oct 16, 2006
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