I Jumped off a Cliff and Lived!

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Crater Lake was a blast (of freezing cold water)! We had a lot of fun learning about Crater Lake National Park. Did you know there was a guy who was persistent about making Crater Lake a National Park, but one man in the Congress did not want it to; therefore since one person did not want it to, it did not happen. The Man who wanted it to be a National Park went straight to President Roosevelt, who talked to the man who said no, and two weeks later it was a National Park. When the man who wanted it to be a NP asked to be the first superintendent, the congress said no; because they said he was too pushy. Later, he got to be the second superintendent. Well, that is a blotch in our proud American history! Also, did you know, during the civil war, President Lincoln shut down newspaper stands who did not agree with him and jailed people who rebelled. That is against The Bill of Rights, and he did not care. Today we took a hike down to Crater Lake, and about three quarters of the hikers were not Americans. (The reason is because some Americans do not have the strength to do it. I pity them because it was beautiful!) When we got to the bottom, my sister and I jumped off a 30 foot cliff into 50 degree water, and it was amazing!! The water is the purest in America and 7th in the world! You could see all the fish, and water-life. I felt as though I jumped into an enchanted world. My mom Jumped from a 15 foot cliff, and was surprised. And my younger sister Lia went under water two times! It was a long trek up the mountain, but it kept us in shape.

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Crater Lake National Park
photo by: Vikram