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On July 5th, we went into Canada! It was not like I expected. I expected Canada would be a thick forest, but when we went into Alberta, it was grassy fields! We herd about the rodeo in Calgary, called the Calgary Stampede, and we decided to go. We went to a campground, called Mountain View Campground, and there was not a mountain in sight! We stayed there two days, and on the second day, we went to the Stampede. It was JUST LIKE the Houston Rodeo, except most people there did not talk at all. I liked the dog herding, which is where a dog would try to herd three sheep into certain areas, like in a crate, or in a fence opening. I liked that because it was fun to see how talented the dogs were, because it took real skill to do it. Some of the dogs were unlucky and got stubborn sheep. (Again, you can see pictures on my mom’s blog. I cannot get pics on my blog.) Another thing I thought was cool was the pizza on a stick. It was REALY GOOD!!  It was the best thing I had in my life!

Meagan292 says:
Pizza on a stick, really? I would like to see that someday :) You guys have Dad on a stick, too. Is there anything we can't put on sticks if we try? I love watching herding dogs. They are super cool and so talented! I hope you're having a great time with your Dad this week, Charles! I had a great time seeing you in Colorado. Keep on blazin' that trail!

Aunt Meagan
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
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