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Seoul-Incheon Airport: our dinner, yum!

    My friend, the groom, Sae, picked me up at the airport. It was 7pm on a Thursday night. My flight was supposed to arrive at 630pm, giving us time to catch the bus to Chun'cheon where my friend's wedding will be held. But because of the delay, we missed the 7pm bus and decided to catch the next bus at 830pm. So we decided to grab dinner. We chose a Korean restaurant at the airport. I wanted to see how different Korean food in Korea compared to the Korean food in NYC. It wasn’t much a difference. I was full. The meal delicious, but I wasn’t impressed. Hmmm… I feared that this may not be a good beginning of the food trip I thought it would be. But it was early yet.
    While eating, I had Sae call the hostel to cancel the night I had booked with them in case we wouldn’t leave for Chun’cheon until the next day. I was also staying with them for the rest of my stay in Seoul beginning Sunday, Oct 14th. Sae also received a call from his fiancée, Hana. She was upset that he didn’t call her to let her know that I had arrived as they had originally agreed. Uh-oh, Sae and I were so caught up on the excitement of seeing each other after 7 months since he left NYC and me finally being in Korea that he forgot! I felt bad. I had met Hana a couple of times when she visited Sae in NYC a few years back. I remember her as a very small, petite female. Compared to Sae, who is about 6 feet tall, she is about 5’1 and again skinny. She is also very soft-spoken.
    After dinner, we caught the bus to Chun'cheon. Chun’cheon is about 2 hours northeast of Seoul - its claim to fame? It is the venue for the very popular Korean drama, Winter Sonata. It is the capital of Gangwon Province. There are some large lakes around the city, most notably Lake Soyang and Lake Uiam. The area is renowned for its small river islands and surrounded with mountains.
    The bus ride took about 3 hours because of the stops along the way. Sae and I talked halfway through the ride, updating each other about our friends in NYC. The remaining bus ride, we took a nap. When we reached Chun'cheon, it was already 1130pm. Hana picked us up at the bus station. She came straight from work. She is an internal medicine resident at the university hospital in Chun’cheon.
    We arrived at the hotel I will be staying with Sae's family for the wedding. First thing we did was meet Sae’s family at those infamous street food tents where they were enjoying soju. His parents and sister arrived in Korea earlier that day and went straight to Chun’cheon so he hadn’t seen them. After some introductions, I was invited to have some soju and I, of course, accepted. They also ordered some "drunk man's noodle" and interestingly enough, some chicken gizzard sautéed with some chili paste - a popular snack to be eaten when drinking. I tried it, of course! I don't back down on unusual food. I pretty much try everything. And it was good. An hour later, we called it a night. Hana went back to the hospital since she was only taking a 2 hour break! Tired and wanting to take a shower, we went to our rooms. I shared a room with Sam. We quickly both fell asleep.

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Seoul-Incheon Airport: our dinner,…
Seoul-Incheon Airport: our dinner…
photo by: ellechic