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Chun'cheon: view from our hotel

    The following morning, we had breakfast - spicy soup with tofu, potato pancakes with scallion, and side dishes. They also had me tried some cow's blood thing with soup. And I can imagine people reaction and expressions right about now - but it tasted good. Sam, Sae’s sister, and I walked around after breakfast, taking the fresh air and the mountain view of Chun’cheon. We also needed to move after that very filling breakfast!
    After our morning walk, we checked out of the hotel to one closer to the city center. IMT Hotel is a relatively small hotel with 60 rooms, modern design and great comfortable beds. Located about 5 blocks from the shopping and business area, it is very clean and they have computers with internet connection in every room! The only problem was the bathroom.

Chun'cheon: restaurant close to the hotel we were staying at
The bathroom itself is great. They provide all the basic toiletries and more, from hair spray, bathrobe, lotion and hairdryer. A country that puts a lot of emphasis on physical and outward appearance, indeed! After unpacking and airing out the dress I will be wearing for the wedding the following day, we ventured out to the town. Hana and Sae met up with us for lunch. We caught a cab to have lunch at this restaurant away from the city center, apparently well-known for really good duck BBQ. And we ate - a lot! It was great, but by the end of the meal, we didn’t want to see anymore food and the word “duck” was making us all nauseous.
    We went back to the shopping area after lunch and checked out their underground mall. I went with Sae and Hana where they picked up the hanbok they rented for the wedding.
Chun'cheon: Breakfast!
We also found a hair salon that will do our hair for the wedding the following day. After more walking, we met with Sae’s other sister, Jo, who came from Seoul to pick up their dad’s sister and husband. They live in Japan and came just for the wedding. They were hungry from the trip and the ride to Chun’cheon so dinner was suggested - this time dakgalbi. It was only 3 hours after we had lunch, so Sam and I opted out. The thought of eating again so soon made us green. We decided to go shopping instead, see what was being sold before finally going back to the hotel for a much needed beauty sleep and preparation for the wedding.

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Chuncheon: view from our hotel
Chun'cheon: view from our hotel
Chuncheon: restaurant close to th…
Chun'cheon: restaurant close to t…
Chuncheon: Breakfast!
Chun'cheon: Breakfast!
Chuncheon: delicious potato panca…
Chun'cheon: delicious potato panc…
Chuncheon: bags of chili!
Chun'cheon: bags of chili!
Chuncheon: sticks with faces?
Chun'cheon: sticks with faces?
Chuncheon: view of the lake Chun…
Chun'cheon: view of the lake Chun…
Chuncheon: rice laid out to dry
Chun'cheon: rice laid out to dry
Chuncheon: in front of the IMT ho…
Chun'cheon: in front of the IMT h…
Chuncheon: the duck BBQ resturant
Chun'cheon: the duck BBQ resturant
Chuncheon: ready to eat!
Chun'cheon: ready to eat!
Chuncheon: duck galore!
Chun'cheon: duck galore!
Chuncheon: wrap the duck in lettu…
Chun'cheon: wrap the duck in lett…
Chuncheon: very spicy duck!
Chun'cheon: very spicy duck!
Chuncheon: great dessert drink!
Chun'cheon: great dessert drink!
Chuncheon: Korean hanbok - tradit…
Chun'cheon: Korean hanbok - tradi…
Chuncheon: Korean hanbok - tradit…
Chun'cheon: Korean hanbok - tradi…
Chuncheon: Korean hanbok - tradit…
Chun'cheon: Korean hanbok - tradi…
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