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It was my last day in Seoul

Karen had left earlier that morning back to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks before returning to CT. My friend, Al, was busy with work, and Sae who returned from his honeymoon yesterday, won't be back in Seoul until night. So, I was on my own.

After dropping off Karen to the bus stop where she can take the airport shuttle bus, I returned to the hostel ready for a couple of hours sleep. It was Sunday. I wanted to have a relaxing day in Seoul.

Around noon, I decided leave to venture on one area I haven't been to yet - COEX Mall. I'm not a big fan of malls, but Koreans seems to be. At the mall, I was able to browse around the stores, checked out some things as souvenirs, and found the COEX's aquarium! It was weird to find an aquarium in a mall - but there you go. I found myself being entertained as I walk through the aquarium where a lot of family have brougth their kids as I have never been a an aquarium fan. They have a big tank with sharks. Asian-style designed ponds, a mini-forest scene, and little pools where you can touch and play with the fishes. It was fun watching the kids enthralled with what they saw.

I returned to Insadong area, hoping to find more souvenirs for my family and friends, but no luck. I returned to the hostel to take a nap instead, for some rest, since I had planned to meet up with Al and his friends for dinner and hang out a bit.

A couple of hours later, I met the guys at Myeongdong. Around the corner, they found a dimsum place. After dinner, we headed to Hongdae. We attempted to take the bus from Myeongdong, but took the wrong one - the guys have lived in Seoul for 2 years but don't know how the bus system works! We had to hop off, laughing as we figured out we were on the wrong bus - with the passengers giving as funny looks. Oops? Finally, the guys figured out the right bus, and we reached our destination - Hongdae!

Hongdae is one of Seoul nightlife area - filled with resturants, bars, clubs, and street food vendors! We met up with some of Al's friends who wanted to play video games.  After a few minutes, they left. It was here in Seoul that I met my first TB member, who turned out to be fellow college alum as well. When she and her friend arrived, we all went to a bar for drinks. After an hour, two of Al's friends went home.

We then went to another restaurant/bar place where we had soju and some seafood/rice cake food. I got a call from Sae. He's back in Seoul and can meet up with me! Yay! I gave him directions, and 45 minutes later, he was there!

My friend Sae was back from his honeymoon and made the time to meet up with me before I go back to NYC. Awww...

We had more soju, food, and chatted until we had to call it a night. It was past 1 am, Sae and AL had work that morning, I had to catch an early morning bus to the airport, and the two TB girls were still tired as they just arrived from Japan that afternoon.

A group photo and hugs all around were to be had before I hopped on a cab. I said my thanks to Al for making the time, hugs for the girls for meeting us, and most importantly, a hug, congratulations and thanks to my friend, Sae, for his newly wedded state, being a great friend, and making the time to see me despite his busy, hectic, and tight schedule. I will miss him as he will be living in Korea with his wife indefinitely. P

Future plans were made for his visit to NYC or my visit to Korea again.

[photos to be added]

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photo by: chiyeh