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I am a planner.  I love to read travel books and figure out ahead of time all the places I want to go...usually more places than I have time to see.  So I generally have a good I idea of what I am most looking forward too.  Before I ever get to a place I sort of have favorites pre-set.  Of course most of the time the world teaches me a lesson about what I really love by showing me something I wasn't expecting that turns out to be better than what I was expecting.  Such was the situation with The V&A (victoria and albert) museum in London.  If you are heading to London don't miss out on this museum.  I was for me so much more than the museums that you might have already heard of.  I know this museum isn't exactly a secret and it is usually well recomended in guide books but it just doesn't have the same name recocognition as say the Tower of London...and yet the V&A is free unlike the tower of london and in my humble opinion a way better time.  If you care anything for design or fashion or world art don't miss this museum.... if you live in the London area and like so many people who don't take advantage of the oportunities that are close by simply because they are close by than stop by and visit some weekend.  In fact go more than once.  You will be glad you did.

travelman727 says:
Thanks for the heads up! Like Marit, I've never visited the V& A Museum. I'll be sure to check it out on my next visit to lovely London :-D
Posted on: Mar 14, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
I`ll keep this in minde, have been to London but not visited tihs museum, Thanks
Posted on: Mar 12, 2008
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I love London.  After living in Germany for a year just the fact that everyone speaks English would have been enough to win me over.  But it wasn't just hearing the English language in the dulcet tones of the most beutiful accent in the world it was being able to go into any bookstore and read any book on their shelves (with the obvious exeption of the international shelves).  Every afternoon of my trip I loitered for hours in bookstores writing down the title of books I would be interested in reading in the future.....Please take note I did not buy any books.  I did not drink coffee in their coffee shop...I spent every afternoon just looking. 

Every morning was spent equally frugaly going to museums.  For a museum junkie like myself thee fact that all the musuems were free was a dream come true.  I was unable to bring my stepsons but sadly lamented their absence as I am certain they would have loved the sience and histroy museums in London.  Any traveling parents out their don't miss the oportunity to take your kids to London...

Thant is take your kids to London if can afford it.  You see this was a budget trip all my trips are budget trips.  I thought I brought enough monney for food, lodging, entertainment and transportation. And yet somehow after 10 days in London I reached into my pockets and found them empty.  Ok I admit there were a few splurges: two theater porformances, one movie a couple of "normal" meals which is to say eating inside a restaurant instead of buying our food at a grocery store and a few...I say again a very few purchases.  And yet some how I mananged to spend litterally thousands of dollars in Londan in 10 days leaving nothing for my second leg of the trip in Barcelona.  Thank God Spain was cheaper, thank God my bank gave me credit, and Thank God for those 10 days in London because even though they bankrupt me I wouldn't trade them for the world.....

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