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The former rental house at 19 Pushkinska Street

The next by-street, adjoining Pushkinska Street, bears the name of the USSR Academy of Sciences Academician V. Vorobyov, a prominent scientist and anatomist, a graduate of Kharkiv Medical Institute, and later on, a Lenin Prize Winner, a Merited Professor of the USSR. He is the author of the first Soviet «Human Anatomy Atlas», the founding father and organizer of the only in the world Museum of Human Evolution in 1937. Under his guidance and his immediate assistance the embalming of Lenin’s body was carried out.

A student of a private Kharkiv boarding house, the prospective Ukrainian writer Marko Vovchok used to live at # 6 in this street.

The dissecting room at the Medical Institute for women, which opened in 1910, was quartered at the building # 8, erected after O.
The former Provision Storehouse
 Beketov’s design project. At present it houses the Pilot Plant at Pharmaceutical Substances State Research Centre.

Teatralna (Theatre) Square and Poeziyi (Poetry) Square

The decorative type of Modernist style is represented by the four-storied building at the corner of 19 Pushkinska Street and Teatralna Square �" the former rental house �" built after the architect A. Ginsburg’s design project in 1907. The vertical partitioning of the building, the clear-cut rhythm go along with the mildness and plasticity of the voluminous forms, abundance of floral ornamentation; the garret storey is also profusely designed, whose lucarne windows are decorated with moulded women’s heads and botanical embellishments.

The interior furnishings of the house harmoniously blend with the external: banister balusters are also moulded with the application of floristic ornamentation; on the landings we can see lockets depicting small female heads.

The vista is of Poeziyi Square is edged by the Land Bank

On entering the front doorway, you can enjoy the intricate flight of stairs that takes the form of a laced streaming pattern that bears a remote resemblance to the architect G. Shedel’s masterpiece, namely, Ryabushynskyi’s mansion in Moscow.

This is the place where the two squares adjoin: Teatralna Square and Poeziyi Square.

Opposite the monument to O. Pushkin, at 24 Pushkinska Street, you can see the building, at present housing the Regional Scientific Research Institute of Continuing Education.

In 1816 in this area the entrepreneurs A. Kalinovskyi and I. Stein built a wooden theatre, the front of which overlooked the present-day square. Subsequently, when the building was removed to Sumska Street and the old building was demolished, there emerged an orphanage asylum. Early in the XX century it was heightened by the architect Z. Kharmanskyi. Up till 1935 it had housed the editorial offices of the national newspapers (Radyanske Selo, Komsomolets Ukrainy) and journals: Selyanka Ukrainy, Molodnyak, Chervonyi Shlyakh).

A dwelling house with shops is situated on the eastern side of Poeziyi Square at # 26 (designed by the architect H. Sykharulidze, 1956), and on the western side, you can see one of the oldest buildings in the city, the so-called Provision Storehouse, built in 1787-1788 after the design project of the famous Kharkiv architect P. Yaroslavskyi in the austere forms of Russian Classicism. The building was designed to store the city grain stock.

The square vista is edged by the building in Classicism style, embellished by the six-column portico of the Corinthian order (arch. V. Pushkaryov, 1958), which houses the Land Bank. The monument (1957) to the celebrated Ukrainian writer M. Kotsyubynskyi stands in the public garden before it.

Further on, the architectural arrangement of the street is made up by the picturesque amalgamation of the buildings of sundry styles of the

XIX-XX centuries. In terms of the colour execution opulence, the plasticity of forms and generosity of proportions, the most distinguished among them is the former rental house at 38 Pushkinska Street, built in Modernist style early in the XX century. Next to it, in a formidable semicircle, towers the six-storied dwelling house that used to be the first-in-the-country large-block building (designed by the architects N. Plekhov, A. Tatsiy, A. Postnkiov).

On the western side of the street at the confluence with Radnarkomivska Street, after the construction of Arkhitektora Beketova underground station, there sprung into being a cozy public garden. The name of the station is by no means accidental, inasmuch as five buildings erected by the outstanding architect are situated here.
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The former rental house at 19 Push…
The former rental house at 19 Pus…
The former Provision Storehouse
The former Provision Storehouse
The vista is of Poeziyi Square is …
The vista is of Poeziyi Square is…
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