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Post Box in Ukraine

At present there are six-digit and seven-digit phone numbers in Kharkiv.

The phone link service is paid by the minute. One minute in city phone network is UAH 0.06, a minute of intercity link is UAH 0.6, international calls are the most expensive. Tariffs for intercity and international calls are reduced on holidays and at weekends, as well as after 18:00 on weekdays.

Payphones are situated near the underground stations, shops, and right in the streets. Street payphones of the latest model are blue; in the outskirts you can also see earlier models — silvery ones. They work with the help of phone cards, which you can buy at post offices, big stores, newspaper stands, and in some stands in the underground.

All new model payphones provide international link and access to mobile connection network. These services are also rendered by Telecomservis offices. Besides, you can send a telegram or a fax, buy a phone card, and receive access to Internet here.

Mobile connection

In Kharkiv you can use a mobile phone of GSM and NMT modes. There are three mobile connection operators in Kharkiv: UMC, Kyivstar and DCC. If your stay is no longer than several days then it is better to use roaming, if your stay is long — it is better to join a local mobile connection operator.


You can check your mail or send a letter in any Internet-cafe.

Access to Internet network is provided almost in all Kharkiv hotels.


Postal services in Ukraine are rendered by Ukrposhta company. At any post office you can buy not only envelopes and stamps, but also art postcards, newspapers or lottery tickets, as well as send a letter, a telegram, or a parcel, make a Xerox copy, purchase a phone card for a city payphone and an Internet card, order an intercity or an international call; at some post offices you can use a fax.

Postal stamps are sold only at post offices. The price for sending depends on the weight of the letter and the destination country: a letter around Ukraine — is UAH 0.45, to CIS countries — UAH 0.69, other foreign countries — UAH 3.49 (airmail) and UAH 2.59 (land transport). Addresses on the envelope are written European way. The addressee will get a letter within the country in 2–5 days, and a letter to Europe, for example, will travel 7–10 days.

District post offices work in the following mode: Monday through Saturday, from 8:00 till 17:00, Sunday being a day off.

Post office # 1 at the Central Postal Bureau works from 8:00 till 19:00, and post office # 52 in Railway Station Square — from 8:00 till 20:00.

Messenger services

There are branches of many international and Ukrainian messenger services in Kharkiv. They deliver correspondence, flowers, printed matters and parcels, as well as cargos and documents around Ukraine, CIS and foreign countries.

Inquiry-Information Telephone Services
Inquiry-information service for phone numbers and codes AMTS09
Orders for international (CIS and other foreign countries) calls for subscribers with intercity connection through Ukrtelecom8–179
Orders for intercity calls within Kharkiv region, Ukraine for subscribers with intercity connection through Ukrtelecom SA8–171
Orders for international (except CIS countries) calls for subscribers with intercity connection through Utel Ltd.8–195 
Orders for intercity calls within Kharkiv region, Ukraine, and CIS for subscribers with intercity connection through Utel Ltd. 8–191
Inquiry-information department for connection services accounts777–70–75

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Post Box in Ukraine
Post Box in Ukraine
photo by: viktosha