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The former Opera Theatre (now Kharkiv Philharmonic Society building)
Rymarska Street is one of the oldest in the city, its building began in the 18th century. It runs parallel to Sumska Steet from Constitution Square to the new Opera House. Judging by its name, craftsmen who dressed leather used to live here. This trade, as well as shoe-making and carpet-making (that is also reflected in the names of corresponding streets), was widespread in Kharkiv. Leather goods of Kharkiv lymari (tanners) were much in demand at all Kharkiv fairs and far beyond the bounds of the city.

One of the most famous buildings in Rymarska Street is the building of Kharkiv Philharmonic Society (at 21 Rymarska Street). There used to be the Merchants’ Club in this building. It was organized by Kharkiv merchants, but then for about 100 years the building had been occupied by a theatre.
In the audience hall of Kharkiv’s Society
And in 1991, after the transfer of the theatre to a new building, the old one was given to Kharkiv Philharmonic Society.

In the early 20th century, as a result of the development of Rymarska Street, there appeared several rental house high-rises. Among them the building at # 20 (architect M. Roitenberh, 1911), the west facade of the Salamander Insurance Company, the building at # 28, which used to be a rental house and Professor Bronshtein’s Eye Clinic (architect V. Velychko, 1902).

Architect A. Rzhepishevskyi built the first two co-op («kompaniyski») houses - at # 6 (1912) and at # 19 (1915) Rymarska Street. The apartments in these houses were owned by their tenants, mostly doctors, engineers, artists.
One of the first Company Houses in Kharkiv at 19 Rymarska Street
After the revolution the houses were nationalized and the comfortable apartments were turned into communal (shared) flats.

At 19 Rymarska Street there lived a well-known Ukrainian writer, as well as a public and political figure, M. Khvylovyi (M. Fitilyov). He was an ideological inspirer of VAPLITE (Free Academy of Proletarian Literature), the author of characteristic works «Health Center Area», «I (Romanticism)», «Mother». He tragically perished in 1933. A memorial plaque can be seen on the facade of the building.

The high-rises in this street are notable for their Modernist style - a complex roof contour, asymmetric facades, architectural decor with a small relief of sculptural decorations, the use of tower-shaped forms and pyramidal endings of the roofs.

A memorial plaque to M. Khvylyovyi

The apartment block at # 7 (an unknown architect, the first part of the 19th century) belongs to the oldest buildings of the street. It is an example of the «model» design buildings in the Russian Classicism style, of the so-called orderless type.

The building of the First Women Mariinska Gymnasium (architect K. Tolkunov) is certainly eye-catching. For many years the Ukrainian-English School # 6 (renamed back into a gymnasium in 1980s) has been located in this building.
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The former Opera Theatre (now Khar…
The former Opera Theatre (now Kha…
In the audience hall of Kharkiv’…
In the audience hall of Kharkiv…
One of the first Company Houses in…
One of the first Company Houses i…
A memorial plaque to M. Khvylyovyi
A memorial plaque to M. Khvylyovyi
photo by: viktosha