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Annunciation Cathedral
Under the walls of Kharkiv fortress, at the foot of the hill and next to Rosa Luxembourg square, there lies Serhiyivska Square (Proletarska Square since 1932) with Lopanskyi Market on it. It was the site of Serhiyivskyi and Moskovskyi trade stalls and a building used for trade purposes. The second floor of this building housed the Museum of Arts and Industry — the first in Ukraine and the second in the Russian Empire museum with a collection of paintings open to the general public. In 1898, along the southern side of the embankment, there were built stone trade pavilions (architect A. Beketov). A round booth, with the Calvary Panorama inside, stood next to them. In the early 20th century the booth was transformed into a cinema.
Annunciation Cathedral, dominating the area on the west bank of the Lopan, is the integral part of the cityscape
Unfortunately, all the buildings of the pre-revolution period in the square were completely destroyed during World War II.

Poltavskyi Shchlyakh (a road to Poltava) begins its way from Proletarska Square (the streets of Kharkiv that were formed in the middle of the 18th century were actually roads, leading to other towns — Moscow, Sumy, Belgorod). From this point, there opens a good view of Poltavskyi Shchlyakh and the adjacent streets with a silhouette of the Ozeryanska Church in the background (124, Poltavskyi Shlyakh). The church was built by architect V. Nemkin in 1894–1905 on the way of the miraculous Ozeryanska icon procession to the Holy Shroud Monastery.

As we move towards Khalturin Spusk, to the left of the stairs, the Dormition Cathedral belfry is revealed in all its splendor; further on behind the green slopes of the terrace park the golden domes of the Holy Shroud Cathedral sparkle in the sun.
City’s historical center. The view from the Annunciation Cathedral Bell Tower
Behind them the monumental outlines of the new University building and State Industry building (Derzhprom) can be seen. The Annunciation Cathedral (architect M. Lovtsov, 1888–1901) in 1, Karl Marx square can also be seen very well from here.

The tall construction dominates the area on this side of the river, it is an integral component of the panoramic view of the western part of the city. The Cathedral is distinguished by abundant small details and polychromatic facade (striped brickwork — in which red brick layers are combined with light plaster — resembles of the ancient Byzantine buildings)

The unusual design of the Cathedral combines in one construction a cross-and-dome church with five domes and a tall (75 meters) circle belfry of a Gothic silhouette.

Annunciation Cathedral

The Annunciation Cathedral, with a capacity for 4000 people, is generally considered the largest and the most lavish one in Kharkiv. The interiors of the Cathedral are beautiful with the main altar boasting the icons made from the white Carrara marble, as well as the icons painted on zinc boards by artists A. Danilevskyi and M. Mykhailov.

The relics of Constantinople Thaumaturge Saint Afanasiy, Venerable Melentiy and Saint Martyr Aleksandr, intensifying the power of prayers, are kept at the Cathedral.

Afanasiy the Thaumaturge visited the Moscovite state and Ukraine in the 17th century at the invitation of Czar Aleksey Mikhailovich, he visited Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitskyi, visited the famous Mharskiy Cloister where he died. His relics were later delivered to the Annunciation Cathedral. Venerable Melentiy served God and Church in Kharkiv in the 18th century. Saint Martyr Aleksandr died in the 1930th during the times of church persecution.

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Annunciation Cathedral
Annunciation Cathedral
Annunciation Cathedral, dominating…
Annunciation Cathedral, dominatin…
City’s historical center. The vi…
City’s historical center. The v…
Annunciation Cathedral
Annunciation Cathedral
Annunciation Cathedral. The sunset
Annunciation Cathedral. The sunset
Embankment of the river Lopan
Embankment of the river Lopan
photo by: viktosha