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Actors’ House
Krasina Street runs parallel to Darvin Street up along Pyshkinska Street. The House of Actors (3 Krasina Street), that had housed the Puppet Theatre for a long period of time, is here. At present theatre evenings, meetings with experienced and young actors, cinema evenings are held in this building. The following theatrical groups perform on the stage: Theatre 19, New Stage, and Youth Theatre.

At the intersection of Krasina Street and Pushkinska Streets there used to be an old city churchyard. The Holy Mother of God Nativity Church (Kaplunivska Street), a classical construction of the early XIX century, was also situated there.

Subsequently, Kaplunivska Square emerged there.

«Theatre 19»
A new two-tier church was erected at the site of the temple that had been pulled down. Judging by the architectural exterior, this temple was similar to Russian churches of the early XVIII century. However, this church was also levelled to the ground in 1930, and seven-storied residential complex, which belongs to the best samples of the Constructivism epoch, was erected after the architect design project by H. Yanovytskyi in 1932. The creators of the legendary T-34 tank M. Koshkin and A. Morozov used to live in that building. The front of the house overlooks Pushkinska Street.

Let’s turn into Chervonopraporna Street on passing by the house (the former Kaplunivska).

The former building the College of Arts (now Kharkiv State Academy for Design and Arts)

Just round the corner our attention is commanded by a three-storied building with arched windows, the principal front of which is crowned by the tall pediment, ornamented with rich stucco moulding (at 4 Chervonopraporna Street). This is the former museum of church antiquities, built in 1912 after V. Pokrovskyi’s design project. In 1920s-1930s the House of Writers used to be here. Nowadays the building houses the Machine-Building Institute at which the academician H. Proskura used to work.

At 8 Chervonopraporna Street the building of Kharkiv State Academy for Design and Arts is quartered. It was built for the College of Arts in 1913 by the architect K.
The main building of the Kharkiv National Polytechnic University
 Zhukov in Ukrainian Modernist style with the folk architecture motives: the picturesque forms of tiled roofs, the principal entrance in the form of a majestic roofed porch, the exquisite majolica panels decorating the front.

The main part of the buildings in this part of the city are those of the Engineering Institute, at present, Kharkiv National Polytechnic University (at 21 Frunze Street).

The construction of this institute started in the mid 1870s after the Petersburg architect R. Genrikhsen’s design project, and in 1885 the educational institution admitted its first students. On the vast green area the first buildings in «the stone style» sprang up. Those included the awesome principal classroom building on the kerb of the south-east slope, Physics and Chemistry buildings, the gas works and the dwelling house for the teachers. At the beginning of the XX century the President’s office building (the former drawing building; designed by M. Lovtsov) and the engineering building (designed by V. Velichko) were erected. In 1928 the building for the School of Electrotechnics was built (designed by O. Beketov), initially conceived to be in the Classical style, but altered by the author to the Constructivism style in the course of the construction to comply with the then brand-new ideas. While reconstructing the building, destroyed in the years of the Great Patriotic War, the four-column portico was attached to the front entrance with rusticated pillars of square section and Ionic capitals (designed by S. Rosenfeld).

In the 1970s the present-time classroom building was erected on top of the slope along Shevchenko Street. The construction of the new buildings of the higher educational establishment was continued in the further years.
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Actors’ House
Actors’ House
«Theatre 19»
«Theatre 19»
The former building the College of…
The former building the College o…
The main building of the Kharkiv N…
The main building of the Kharkiv …
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