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Well there have been lots of fun and games since i last wrote.
on the morning we were to be picked up for the inca trail we had a check in in our room at 4am so that was me awake for the day, guy came at 6.30am and took us to the train station which was rather strange as we were catching a bus┬┐ found out that we were there to get our train tickets back to cusco 4 days later that they should have already organised, they were sold out. not so cool. nothing we could do about it though so had to plan to stay an extra night. got yelled at by a grumpy american guy in the cue for pushing in when we were actually just standing by our guide, tried to have a bit of a go with him but it was way to early!! 
eventually off we went to the bus station for our 8.30am bus and we met the rest of our group. one girl from israel, 2 french canadian girls and a canadian couple. got our bikes strapped to the roof of the bus and we were off. there appeared to be the sound of a puppy coming from under the floor boards in the bus and while we were looking for it we came across two boxes of guinea pigs under a seat, bizzare, think they were probably gonna be dinner.
after about 4 hours on the bus we came to what looked like a traffic jam on a mountain pass in the middle of nowhere, off our guides went to investigate. it was a landslide about 50metres wide and right across the road and down into and few hundred metres high canyon, wicked. the locals on our bus pretty mch started settling in for the night as they come to expe4ct these things happen. we waited for about an hour by the bus then our guides told us we were gonna try and cross it just with the bikes, at this point we hadnt seen it so it seemed a reasonable ish request.
after biking a few kms down the road we found it, it was massive!!! and the drop was huge and there were still rocks falling, they had one wee digger trying to get it moved from the far side but it was huuge. after another hour or so down there a tour guide decided he was gonna take his group over it, they scrambled their way up the side of it bikes in tow while the work men tried to yell at them how unsafe it was, rocks started falling on them and they all got across but one girl who was getting pelted by them. they left her there!!
massive fights broke out betwwen the locals, the guides and the workmen. some locals just pushed their way over children and all while the workmen tried to push them back. i seriously thought i was gonna see at least one go over. in the end at about 5.30pm they had cleared a peice that was kinda flat over the middle of it so they decided to let the people with bikes go over, it was basically head down and run, bloody scarey to be honest, especially as people kept asking us if we had insurance!! go to the other side and jumped on the bikes. it was now just about dark and we had a 5hours bike ride down the other side if the mountain pass in front of us, with no lights.
After about an hour and a half it was ridiculous, we couldnt see at all and there was traffic on the road also so our guide managed to get a truck to stop and take our bikes, we all squished onto a local bus, really squished, we were pressed hard together so couldnt even move our arms in the pitch black aisle of a bus for an hour and a half. good times. got to our destination and after waiting nearly two hours got some food and went to bed.
up early next day for pancakes for breakfast, nice one :) then started our walk, it was stinking hot but the first hour was flat so not so bad, thenit was straight up for 2 hours, sun stroke was pretty much a given, no shade and walikng up a jungle path, just about made it worth it for the chocolate and powerade though. cool secenery, pineapples, bananas, coffee, coca. once at the top we had another 1 and a half hours down hill to lunch. down hill consisted of a stoney step type path not much wider than your foot with a LARGE straight drop on one side and cliff on the other. de had vertigo, not good at all. made it eventually and luch was wicked. another 2 and a half hours of walking in the arvo, across a dodgey bridge with planks missing and wobbly (vertigo!) and another little pulley thing we had to sit in and get pulled over a massive river (by now de has a life expectancy of about 35). after that we arrived at some beautiful hotsprings, in we go.
Had a big talk with our tour guide while we were there. he was absolutly amazing at his job, loads of information and it is a huge responsibility. he gets paid 30 us dollars for the 4 days!!! ($45
NZ, 15 pounds. it is disgusting. we paid $200us and the majority just goes into tour agents pockets, he even had to pay for his own accomadation. makes me so mad!!!!
bus from there to hostel and dinner, one of the guys decieded to by a bottle of rum and drink it so some of the guys ended up out at a local disctecque for the night.
de and i got up for breakfast the next day and found there was no one else there, it took about another hour for everyone to rise from there hungover sleeps and eventually we were on our way, morning was nice scenic walk for two hours next to a river. after luch unfortuanatly we had to walk for two and a half hours on railway tracks, it is really hard work taking uneven paces on the sleepers for that long, i was getting motion sick from looking at my feet too, and it was raining, woo woo!!
arrived in aguas caliente aroung 5pm and got takin to hotel, cold showera then i sourced us a well deserved bottle of wine. off we went for dinner and found they had a happy hour, 4 for the price of one pisco sours, yes please!! this time we ended up at a nightclub til 2am, we had to get up at 5am :(
got picked up in the morning by machu pichu guide and bused up to the top, there was no way i was doing a straight climb for two hours up a mountain at that point!! he gave us a tour aroung for a couple of hours then we stayed for a few more, there is quite a bit to see up there. walked back down to save a bit of money and had some lunch, then it was bed time!!got up about 5 hours later for a bit more food and then back to bed.
up for a 9.30am train yesterday, we got of where we were supposed to and where someone was supposed to pick us up, there was no one there, we were lucky the girl we were with had a phone and that i had got our guides number, gae him a call and he told us to get in a taxi, again lucky we were with the other girl cause de and i had no money at all. about an hour and three quaters later we got back to cusco and had a wild tour agancy chase around town to try and get thetaxi fare back, eventually we did and de and i met up with the french canadian girls who had got back the day before and had some food and beer, very good :) then after a fight for change with the bar girl we made a run to pick up our bags and get to the bus statin for our 5pm bus to nazca. made it just on time. got dinner on the bus which was nice, the movie was i am legend for the 3rd time.
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Machu Picchu
photo by: NazfromOz