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Well we left salta on our midnight bus, it was shit! my footrest and seat recliner were broken off, de had a leak on top of her, the bus stoped every half hour and turned lights on etc. anywho we got to la quinca on the argentinian side of the border about 7am. walked to the actual border crossing and walked through imigration fairly easily. villazon on the bolivian side was like a totally differenty world even though only 50 meters from argentina. we got on a bus fairly quickly from there to tupiza. hilarious!! i kid you not the only thing that was missing was some chickens and a goat, it had a broken windscreen, springs sticking out and three hours on a dirt road and also we were sitting with our backpacks our knees, fun times.
we got to tupiza and found our hotel, cute little family run place.
i didnt do much that day, just hung out and tried to breathe! it is at 2950 meters above sea level. de went on a 4 or 5 hour horse trek around the canyons and stuff. enjoyedit but got a sore bottom :(
again the next day we didnt do alot, had a wicked three course lunch for about 60 pence, and just read etc. the next day we started on our tour. it was us two and a german couple. he was 43 and she was 23. nice one brother!! our driver gonzalo was very sweet, only spoke spanish which was actually kinda fun. in the first couple of hours d thinks she lost around 20years off her life. really twisty, high,, cliff dropping dirt tracks. stopped for lunch then pretty much continued in the jeep til 7pm. long day but cool. stayed in a tiny little town with no showers or electricity apart from a generator for a few lights for a couple of hours.
it was well below zero over night so out came all the woolies.
next day we saw a bit more stuff, inca citys, lagunas, geysers, falmingos, cool rock formations etc. again stayed in a wee town similar to the first. next day was a bit more of the same, stil great though, then on to uyuni. saw the cemetary of trains (odd) and then stayed in uyuni the night.
the other two decided they were gonna have a tanty abot pretty much everything and started pretty much attacking our sweet gonzalo and threating to write letters to people, including lonely planet. put a bit of a downer on the last two days but we still enjoyed everything. they were dumb, we were maade well aware of where we would be staying and what we would be seeing and in the scheme of things it really wasnt expensive. cant please some people huh!!
on the last morning we were up at 5am and out to the salar (1200 square kilometers of salt flats) the sunrise was spectacular as was the whole place really. went back into uyuni and our tour finished after lunch. we went and found our hostel and fought with a few bad internet connections and had pizza for tea.
next day just looked around the markets they have some wicked stuff, got you a present dean, he he. had llama for lunch, it was good.
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photo by: wilfredoc2009