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Eka's revenge for taking a pic of her sleeping before.

What's worse than arriving in Bangkok at 3am is leaving Bangkok at 3am, I once again thank you Cebu Pacific for keeping up with the delayed flights. We had enough time to roam around the airport and bore ourselves to death. I was able to 'sleep' for a couple of minutes before boarding but it was awfully uncomfortable. Slept all through the flight back to Manila. Eka's parents picked her up and I begged to come along as no one in my family knows where I really went to.  We went to her house first for breakfast and a close friend of ours from high school, Kathleen,  dropped by to say hello and goodbye to me since I'm leaving the next day for Germany.

I took a tricycle to get home as it wasn't very far away.

look at the time! we're not even boarding yet (it's AM btw)
I arrived in our house like I just came from somewhere not as far as Thailand and as if it was just a normal day. I went to my room, slept and in the afternoon finished packing up for another flight the next day . An aunt sent me a text message asking how Bagiuo was and if I bought her something from there, but since I don't REALLY like lying (except in desperate times and grave danger), I just said her I didn't have any.  I feel bad of course for lying about this trip but its not like a big deal at all. They're not going to kill me or something if they ever find out. I just didn't want to be bothered with whatever theyre going to say about me going to other countries again.  Ah, whatever?

Anyway, I really enjoyed this trip and here are some things I just want to say that I have learned and noticed about Thailand:

*  The Thai people respect their king a lot.

damn airport lights
They have posters and huge pictures of him almost everywhere.  And even as a sign of respect for him, on certain days of the week, people wear yellow uniforms when they go to work.

* Traffic can go really bad in Bangkok and as a solution, they have motor bikes available for single commuters and you can also cruise down the river as another way to get to some places in the city.

* McDonald's spicy chicken here is seriously spicy.

* I noticed once that a driver bowed his head as we let him pass through, a sign of thank you which made me remember how it is the same in Japan.

* Bangkok is definitely safe, if we're talking about getting killed or kidnapped you don't have to worry about them much, really.

* They drive on the left lane.

* ....


And yeah, that's pretty much all I can remember. If I do get to remember more later, I'll just keep it to myself.

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Ekas revenge for taking a pic of …
Eka's revenge for taking a pic of…
look at the time! were not even b…
look at the time! we're not even …
damn airport lights
damn airport lights
ahhhh thanks again Cebu Pacific
ahhhh thanks again Cebu Pacific