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couldn't hide how sleepy i was, look at my eyes soooo bloody red

Our flight to Bangkok from Manila was delayed for almost two hours, thanks a lot Cebu Pacific. It's bad enough that our flight will get us in Bangkok at 1 am but now it will be at 3am! What a good start for me and Eka after having some bad luck already just a week before when we became victims of pick pockets in a Metro Manila mall.  If this is the karma for lying about this trip to my family, then good because I can still take this.

They shouldn't know about me going to Thailand and Cambodia, no not this time when I was nearly getting broke.  I told my relatives that I was trying to keep myself from spending anymore money and I also couldn't afford paying anymore for my cousin's birthday celebration, my aunt's tuition for a cooking course, my uncle's signature shoes and lending money for my other aunt's business plans.

arriving at bangkok freakin 3am
I was already told that I was a bad granddaughter by my grandmother for not buying her a car. She doesn't even drive for goodness' sakes! If I tell them about this trip then I should be ready to spend money for all their wishes and I am avoiding that! So I told them that I will be gone to Baguio, in the north of the Philippines, for a week.  I'm just hoping they won't ask me about how Baguio was when I come back because I haven't been there!

Anyway, Cebu Pacific finally allowed us to get on their plane. I slept all through the flight but definitely not enough.  Bangkok airport didn't look very much familiar with how I remebered it 3 years before, not that I have already been to Thailand though it was just a stopover,  but who am I kidding, I hardly remember anything with my trashy memory. It was a cool airport with lots of walkways that don't just go in a straight angle. They're so many you hardly walk at all. Though getting on them might cause some after effects like walking and bumping right into a revolving door but that I guess was only one case. And it really hurts.  If this is really the karma, then I'm still OK.

We were picked up by two Filipinos who we are going to stay at in Bangkok.  Eka's mom's officemate has a sister who lives and offers accomodations and tours in Bangkok.  I agreed with it instead of getting a hostel since the price wasn't so bad.  My first impression of the city was good, they have some really developed high ways and.. yeah that's all that I have noticed.  Remember, I just bumped into a revolving door and had my thoughts flying all over Thailand.

The place we were staying wasn't a hostel or a guest house. It was a huge apartment with four floors and each rooms were being rented. One room was free and there we stayed. We were told to be quiet because the room across ours was occupied by a white lady. I freaked out, darn I couldn't take jokes at all, she was talking about about a caucasian lady and not a ghost.

lulusartshack says:
Haha... I lied to my family about going to Paris a couple fo years ago for the same reason. I told them I was in Pennsylvania. Glad to see I'm not the only one that's had to do this!
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009
darlingwish says:
i wrote the reason here but anyway, i lied because i was supposed to be saving money and not be traveling anymore but i really wanted to do this trip! it doesnt matter now if they find out. i just dont want them to know at that time hehehehe ^^ thanks for the comment!
Posted on: Mar 20, 2008
mfmcp1982 says:
What a great title for a great blog. How comes you had to lie to your parents about where you were going? Yikes...
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
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couldnt hide how sleepy i was, lo…
couldn't hide how sleepy i was, l…
arriving at bangkok freakin 3am
arriving at bangkok freakin 3am
photo by: Deats