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So, Its nearly been a year since my last entry, which was a precursor to my trip, just random ramblings and thoughts about my trip.  Ive since been back for about 9 months, safe and sound. 

I left home before the sun came up April 4th, 2008, to catch the first ferry from Victoria to Vancouver.  Even before Mcdonalds serves breakfast, which is far too early for my liking, but for the cause, I was willing to get over it. I cant believe Its been so long since my trip, I still remember how nervous and excited I was when my girlfriend dropped me off at the terminal, and it was still 6 hours until I left! When the ferry arrived at Tsawassen, I hadnt really thought about the weather here, cause I was wearing flip flops in the pouring rain. I remember when we were getting off, I heard a women behind me comment on what I was wearing on my feet, as she stepped in a puddle on the deck of the boat.

My buddy Jeremy and I, Took the bus to the Vancouver Airport, and we arrived with still 3 and a half hours until our flight, but since neither of us had ever travelled, It was a good thing. We picked up our tickets, and we didnt have any luggage to check, so we just wondered about the mall until we had to go through customs. I was so scared, even though I knew I had nothing illegal or dangerous on me, it's still an intimidating experience. So we got on the plane, unscathed, and excited for what was about to come.
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photo by: hummingbird50