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Somewhere above Japan before arriving in Osaka

 So the first stop (which nearly became the only) en route to Bangkok (BKK) was in Osaka.Now,  This was Jeremy's first time on a plane, and my first trip over an ocean, So needless to say there were enough nerves between the two of us even before take-off. Landing proved to be the scary part.

Here we are, up in the air, circling around the airport, for a good hour, with no explanation of why. Now, thats not so bad, until you consider that as we were looking out of the windows, we could see emergency vehicles with sirens flashing lining up along a runway. After what seemed like forever, the Captain came on the speakers, and explained that during take-off from Vancouver, we lost tread on 5 of our tires! And although he didnt see it as a serious threat, the emergency vehicles were just a precaution and that we would be touching down in about ten minutes.
Now, Im not trying to put too much suspense into this, since obviously we survived, and the landing didnt feel like anything out of the ordinary. But I can't say I didnt have several mini-panic attacks between hearing the announcement, and actually setting feet on the ground, which felt amazingly good. Until the realization we now have to kill seven hours, in an airport where everything but Starbucks and a place called the Refresh Room, were shut down.

 The first stop was Starbucks, I worked at one until days before my trip, so to calm my nerves, I needed espresso, (Weird, I know) I think its just the feeling of familiarity. At the very least, Starbucks can be counted on for that, which they were a couple times during my trip when I was feeling homesick.
Then it was off to the refresh room, which provided private rooms, to have showers, which were rented out by the hour, for 700 yen, which is about 7$ Canadian. SO, one hour down, six to go. Im not entirely sure how we passed the time, I definately couldnt sleep.  I was really excited by the airport itself too. I remember when I was about 15 or 16, I had watched a show about it on the discovery channel, about how long it is, and how it was built on a man-made island, which at the time, I could not even fathom. Its hard to believe that any one building is so big, that it REQUIRES trains to go from one end to another, but here we are. Time passed pretty quickly for having very few things to do. One can only spend so long on Facebook. But, one cool thing was that the airport provided computers, with internet access free of charge, which was amazing because I definately would have paid nearly anything at this point for something to pass the time. Finally, the sun came up, and that meant it was nearly time to get back on the plane for the five hour flight to Bangkok!
melissak says:
yea the osaka airport is pretty sweet/giant!
Posted on: Feb 09, 2009
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Somewhere above Japan before arriv…
Somewhere above Japan before arri…
photo by: yasuyo