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After a good night's rest (and morning too) we got up around 11am, all refreshed and ready to tackle the City of Bucharest.  I was excited to discover where my soon to be wife lived her childhood.

Ion, Emilia's father, drove us near the center of the city and dropped us off. I could see the twinkle in Emilia's eyes as she showed me the various buildings and parks of her youth.

I have to admit, I was not expecting Bucharest to be much of a tourist destination. I was surprised to see the extensive old architecture that still existed. Emilia explained how much of Old Bucharest was torn down during the Communism time, and what was left is now cherished by the residents of Bucharest.

I could definitely tell that Bucharest is in a period of transition. Some of the people are still in their old ways, not wanting to move forward and modernize. But there are others who are completely bracing the new life that has been given to Romania.

All I can say is visit for yourself and make it what you want it to be!

After we got back to her parent's house, we met up with them and her aunt to go to a large park. Here I was able to see a more relaxed Bucharest, and to be honest, it did not look that much different then a park in the United States. People are the same all over the world, it is the governments that are different.
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Emilias mother and aunt waving us…
Emilia's mother and aunt waving u…
photo by: tm16dana