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The Hermitage, one of the most impressive art museums I have ever seen. Inside and out.

Only a year ago, this was still Leningrad.  Iâ��m awed by the sites, particularly the Hermitage, where originals by Van Goh, Rembrandt, etc are hung without any obvious protection, while babushkas napped in the corners of the rooms.  In a guilty moment of impulse I touch my fingers to a corner of a Rembrandt canvas. 

The museum of oddities, created by Peter the Great, is another highlight.  The only food I find to eat is cold fish on bread served in standing-only Bistros.  That and snickers bars and pepsi bottles from Kiosks.  You can buy much from a kiosk, especially vodka it seems. 

In a small bistro-slash-bar-slash-trailer near the apartment building we stayed in, I remember seeing an agitated wife barge into the place, grab her drunk husband by the shirt, slap him a few times and drag him out in a huff, popping a few of his shirt buttons which audibly pinged on the floor.  My saddest moment came on the return train ride from Lomonosov to St. P.  I sat opposite a woman in her 50's who started telling me how hard life had became over the last few years.  As she spoke, tears ran down her cheeks. 

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The Hermitage, one of the most imp…
The Hermitage, one of the most im…
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