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I get to the border of what I thought was Macedonia and we all file out of the bus.  The immigration officer sits in a small shack and gives me a full shake down.  He scrutinizes every page of my passport, wants to know how long I'll be here and for what purpose.  I don't remember it being this difficult before so I assume it has something to do with the greater Serbian war going on in Croatia and Bosnia.  Finally, he stamps my passport and I'm on my way, but somehow I end up getting on the wrong train without realizing it.  When I think that surely by now I must have reached Skopje, we pull into a place identified by signs at the station as Nis.  I look in my guidebook and realize with horror that not only have I been traveling the wrong direction (north) but I'm not even in the right country!  I'm back in Yugoslavia!  No wonder the border crossing was so difficult.  I get off the train and decide the make the most of my mistake.  The city is small and food must be rationed because the only thing I find for sale are loaves of bread.  It's enough to keep me going for the day.  It's a lovely day at least.  I take a nice walk in a wheat field just outside of town before I buy my ticket south to Skopje.

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photo by: Fulla