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I’ve never felt culture shock before.  Not until now.  Even China felt like it had some order to it compared to the chaos around me now.  The country has had 3000 years of tourism and the people here are milking it like it’s in their DNA.  I can’t walk two feet in peace.  I just want to wear an invisibility cloak.  The sites are amazing though and the days are much warmer than I’ve felt in 8 months.  I’m eating shwarmas and falafel sandwitches for the first time and enjoying them immensely, even if I eat them somewhat guiltily in the middle of the day - they are in the third week of Ramadan.  Haven’t gotten sick eating off the street so far.  I must be immune by now.  There’s a pervasive smell of spices, donkey dung and other unpleasant things in the air.  At least a week goes by before I even realize it.  At the pyramids, I rent a horse down to Saqqara.  By the time I arrive, I notice the horse is bleeding where my stirrup has been rubbing him wrong.  I try to explain to the horseman that he needs better stirrups but I don’t think he really cares. 

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Im dwarfed by its size
I'm dwarfed by its size
standing at the top of the smaller…
standing at the top of the smalle…
the Nilometer
the Nilometer
photo by: vulindlela